Fact Sheets

  • 55th Wing History

    Offutt Air Force Base's 55th Wing is ACC's largest wing composed of 6 groups, 31 squadrons and 3 detachments located worldwide, employing 48 aircraft, including 12 models of 3 different types. Mission responsibility includes the Air Force's most diverse flying operation supporting worldwide

  • 55th Contracting Squadron: Points of Contact

    SQUADRON LEADERSHIP Role: Lead, direct, administer and supervise all phases of the squadron's operational and specialized contracting programs and work in support of the 55th Wing, tenant units and Defense Technical Information Center.SMALL BUSINESS SPECIALIST Role: Provides business counseling and

  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

    SEXUAL ASSAULT PREVENTION AND RESPONSEThe 55th Wing Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program actively commits to the safety and well-being of all Airmen and family members assigned to Offutt Air Force Base. It is our goal to provide; quality victim care; improve incident reporting--restricted

  • USAF Heartland of America Band

    The mission of the United States Air Force Heartland of America Band is simple -- to inspire the hearts and minds of its listeners to increased patriotism and an enhanced awareness of the bravery and sacrifice of Airmen serving throughout Air Combat Command. Delighting audiences since 1943, this

  • 55th Contracting Squadron - Doing Business With Us

    Call, write or visit the 55th Wing Small Business Specialist. Be prepared to discuss your capabilities, interest and capacity to perform. Here are several questions you should be prepared to address: Why should Offutt Air Force Base contract with my company - what do you offer

  • WC-135 Constant Phoenix

    Mission The WC-135W Constant Phoenix atmospheric collection aircraft supports national level consumers by collecting particulate and gaseous effluents and debris from accessible regions of the atmosphere in support of the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1963. Features The aircraft is a modified

  • RC-135U Combat Sent

    Mission The RC-135U Combat Sent provides strategic electronic reconnaissance information to the president, secretary of defense, Department of Defense leaders, and theater commanders. Locating and identifying foreign military land, naval and airborne radar signals, the Combat Sent collects and