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55th Contracting Squadron - Doing Business With Us

  • Call, write or visit the 55th Wing Small Business Specialist.
  • Be prepared to discuss your capabilities, interest and capacity to perform. Here are several questions you should be prepared to address:
    • Why should Offutt Air Force Base contract with my company - what do you offer that we would be interested in purchasing?
    • In what way are my products or services well beyond those of my competitors?
    • What are my demonstrated qualifications - contracts held, number of years in business?
    • Why is my specialized experience and technical competence better than others in my field?
    • Do I have the capacity to accomplish the work in the required time and within the allocated budget?
    • How has my performance been in the past?
    • If I am not located in the general area of the work, how can I ensure competitive pricing?
  • Obtain a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number by calling 800-333-0505 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern Time. Both the call and the service are free. These numbers are needed before you can register with the Central Contractor Registration step below. If you would like to obtain one online, please visit their Web site.
  • Register with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR). All Contractors must be registered in the CCR database before they can be awarded a contract.
  • For Small Disadvantaged firms - Register with the Small Business Administration as a small disadvantaged firm. To register contact your local SBA office.
  • Review the Fed.Biz.Opps. All routine procurements proposed by a Federal agency must be publicized. The method that we use is publication in the FedBizOpps. There you will find a record of upcoming procurements, awarded contracts, and sources sought announcements. This is free at the website above.
  • Visit this site regularly. Here you will find information on upcoming procurements and other information to support fostering business relationships with our wing.
  • Be alert to announcements of business opportunity conferences, trade fairs and other federally attended or sponsored liaison meetings in your area. Make it a point to attend whenever possible. This is an excellent opportunity to meet on a person-to-person basis with procurement and small business specialists who can assist small businesses with the selling of their services or products. See this site area for a list of upcoming events.