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55th Wing Chapel

Provide spiritual care any time, any place to all warfighters and their families, to ensure all have opportunities to exercise their constitutional right to the free exercise of religion

Develop spiritually fit War Hawks who lead the fight today and tomorrow

– Provide Warrior-Focused Chapel Programs
– Support and Strengthen Warfighter Families
– Care for Moral Injury
– Consistently Engage and Advise Leadership
– Develop Chapel Staff Skillsets

Religious Education

The 55th Wing Chapel provides Offutt members with several religious education opportunities. For more information, contact the chapel at (402) 294-6244.

A diverse religious education program is available for children and adults both Sunday mornings and during the week.  For more information, contact the Protestant Religious Education (RE) Coordinator.

A comprehensive religious education program is available for preschool through adults.  For more information, contact the Catholic Religious Education (RE) Coordinator.

Base Chapels

SAC Memorial Chapel & Annex...Bldg 463
(Southwest corner of the parade grounds)
(402) 294-6244

Capehart Chapel & Annex...Bldg 1226
(Northwest corner of Capehart Road and 25th Street, across from Ehrling Bergquist Clinic) 

Worship Opportunities

0830 Sun.................................. Capehart Chapel
1100 Sun.................................. Capehart Chapel
1130 Mon/Tues/Thurs.............. Capehart Chapel
1130 Wed (1st, 3rd, 5th).... SAC Memorial Chapel
1130 Wed (2nd, 4th) ........................ STRATCOM

Please call the office to schedule a time for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

1000 Sun – Worship Service SAC Memorial Chapel

1000 Sun – Children’s Ministry.............. Bldg 53

Friday Night Shabbat Service
1930 Fri (1st, 3rd)....................... Capehart Chapel
POC: TSgt Jason Rife.. OAFBJSLL@icloud.com

Prayer room available in Bldg 53 during normal duty hours.

For information and POCs for other faith groups not listed above, or any additional religious needs, please contact the 55th Wing Chapel at (402) 294-6244.

All events/activities and times are subject to change.  Please contact the Chapel to verify all information.

Chapel Wedding Guide

Offutt Chapel Wedding Guide: This guide offers general guidance for your wedding at the SAC Memorial or Capehart Chapels. It should answer most of the questions you might have. Please read carefully and then complete the Wedding Application and Facility Request at the end of the guide.

Duty Chaplain

After Hours Duty Chaplain
(402) 294-3725

Chapel Activities

The 55th Wing Chapel is on Facebook. You can visit us at: facebook.com/OffuttChapel/ 

For more information about the Offutt Chapel, 
click here for a brochure.

For information about additional religious activities and opportunities across Offutt, contact the base chapel at 294-6244.

Relationship Guide

Relationship Guide

SAC Chapel History

In November of 1958, at the suggestion of Gen. Thomas S. Power, Commander in Chief, Strategic Air Command, a program was initiated to memorialize Strategic Air Command combat crew personnel who were killed in the performance of their flying mission. 

The result was the many decorative stained glass windows present in the SAC Memorial Chapel. For more about the history and meaning of these windows, see the SAC Memorial Chapel History.

Offutt AFB Operator

Offutt Air Force Base Operator 
(402) 294-1110
DSN: 271-1110