• Shaved ice on a hot summer day

    The 55th Wing Chaplain core hosted a shaved ice event June 20, 2019, to treat Team Offutt members who were displaced by the historic flood.Although approximately 3,200 personnel were displaced from 44 work centers , Team Offutt members have continued accomplishing their mission without discrepancy.The idea came while the 55th Wing Chaplain core was
  • Relocated children’s play area puts safety first

    Offutt Field House staff moved the Children’s Play Area from a spot that interfered with patrons on the running track, to a location which provides patrons with adequate space to get a full workout and is fully self-contained, allowing parents to maintain accountability of children accompanying them. The new CPA features all self-propelled exercise equipment that does not require wires or power cords to minimize safety risks to children in the area along with a play area to keep them occupied and active while their parents workout.  
  • Midshipmen visit 15th OWS to learn Midwest weather

    Midshipmen from the U.S. Naval Academy visited the 15th Operational Weather Squadron May 11, 2019, to learn about severe weather and its effects on aviation. An example of cross service partnership, the annual visit allows future naval officers the opportunity to learn about weather phenomena from weather Airmen with real world experience and to discover the similarities and differences between the Air Force and Navy meteorology missions.
  • Facility renovation, mold remediation begins at Offutt

    Using the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program, Offutt officials hired a vendor to help repair base facilities impacted by the mid-March flooding. AFCAP is a rapid response office and contracting tool for use by U.S. Government entities needing urgent assistance. The first facility that AFCAP focused on is the Bennie L. Davis Maintenance Facility, which is the primary maintenance facility maintaining combat-ready aircraft, equipment and munitions for the 55th Wing’s mission.
  • Wing under new leadership

    The Airmen of the Fightin’ Fifty-Fifth welcomed a new commander during a change of command ceremony June 14, 2019. Col. Gavin Marks assumed command of the 55th Wing from Col. Michael Manion during the time-honored military ceremony inside the Bennie L. Davis Maintenance Facility here. Maj. Gen. Mary F. O’Brien, 25th Air Force commander, presided over the ceremony. She thanked Manion for his leadership over the past two years and welcomed Marks to the largest wing in Air Combat Command.
  • Offutt rebuilds following floods

    The Offutt Next Generation Project Management Office has been stood up in response to the March flood that covered 1.2M square feet of the base. The team’s job is to coordinate all rebuilding efforts as well as ensure the base is even better prepared for future disasters.
  • Remembering Rivet Amber 50 years later

    The 45th Reconnaissance Squadron marked the 50th anniversary of the loss of the Rivet Amber with a memorial ceremony and plaque dedication in the 45th RS Haun Auditorium June 5, 2019.
  • Baptism by fire

    Firefighters from the Czech Republic, the 155th Air Refueling Wing, Nebraska Air National Guard and members from the Offutt Air Force Base 55th Civil Engineer Squadron fire department participated in a live fire training June 5, 2019, at the fire pit here.  Firefighters from Offutt are required to train twice a year using the fire pit and structural burning. Although this is required training for the firefighters, this exercise was a little unique. This time the fire department was hosting firefighters from the Czech Republic. The Nebraska Air National Guard works in association with the Czech Republic through the State Partnership Program. Each guard unit has a brother or sister unit attached to them. The SPP has been around for 25 years and now includes 76 partnerships with 81 nations around the world.  The Nebraska ANG has future plans for an additional partnership with Rwanda.
  • Ribbon cutting marks satellite pharmacy opening

    The ribbon cutting ceremony for the new 55th Medical Group Satellite Pharmacy was held June 3, 2019, at the Base Exchange.
  • Most important weather forecast ever made

    Seventy-five years ago, Allied forces began the task of opening the second front in Europe when they landed on the beaches of Normandy, France on June 6, 1944. Weather was a key factor in deciding when and where the invasion would take place. There were competing priorities when selecting the desired conditions for the invasion. “You have to think of all the many varied platforms that would be used to launch the offensive, each one needed certain conditions,” said Kent Sieg, 557th Weather Wing historian. “Bombers needed clear sight to targets. Tides had to be low to expose obstacles, but could not be too low or troops would have too long a distance to get to shore.” Selecting a date that would be the best compromise for these requirements was the challenge. The time determined to be most favorable for an offensive was a full moon. Had Stagg and his team delayed the invasion until the next full moon, June 19, Allied forces would have faced one of the largest storms in the English Channel in almost 80 years and D-Day may have very well failed.
  • It takes a village

    We witness the transfer of authority in a change of command ceremony approximately every two years. From squadron to wing level changes of command, they vary in size, but all uphold military traditions.The change of command is a military ceremony rooted in the time of the Roman Legions and the passing of a commander’s baton in front of his legions,
  • Get ready, severe weather season is here

    As Team Offutt continues to recover from flooding that enveloped the base two months ago, members are reminded that severe weather season is here.Taking a few moments to learn what to do in the event of severe weather can make all the difference if the unthinkable happens.“Know where you’re going and how to get there in a safe but expedient
  • Annual Appreciation Picnic offers morale boost to Team Offutt

    The annual Offutt Advisory Council’s Appreciation Day Picnic is scheduled for June 7, 2019, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Since the flood has damaged much of Offutt AFB and its facilities, including the base lake area, the picnic will be held at an alternate location. For safety and security reasons, the location is being withheld from public announcements, but Team Offutt members can get the information from their leadership.
  • Empowering tomorrow’s Leaders for the future

    The third annual Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders conference was recently held at the Salvation Army Kroc Center in Omaha Nebraska.
  • POW recounts his time in Hanoi Hilton

    A former Vietnam prisoner of war spoke at the commander’s update briefing May 16, 2019, at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska.
  • Offutt Celebrates Police Week

    Offutt Air Force Base celebrated National Police Week May 13 - 17 with several events held on and off base.
  • RASCAL restoring readiness, the Air Force way

    A Rapid Assistance Support for Calibration unit arrived at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, May 6, 2019, to re-establish the base’s capability to calibrate equipment, which was lost in the flood. RASCAL is a mobile Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory intended for use worldwide where PMEL capabilities are needed. It is one of only two in the Air Force that allows deployable PMEL capabilities.
  • Airman wins chance to perform at Omaha’s MAHA Music Festival

    It’s 7:08 p.m. and the rain, beyond the storefront window of the B Side Theatre, has subsided allowing the setting sun to brighten the dimly-lit confines of the Benson music hall in Omaha, Nebraska. Airman 1st Class Mario Foreman-Powell, a United States Air Force Heartland of America Band vocalist, sits behind a keyboard - stage left, it’s his turn to shine and win the last remaining spot in the MAHA Music Festival lineup.
  • Event encourages Offutt women to empower one another

    Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska hosted its first Women’s empowerment seminar April 17, 2019. The seminar featured a panel of seven women who spoke on varied topics. “I wanted to bring together a diverse group of women from around base, to include not just military personnel, but civilians and spouses as well so we could network, build bonds, mentor each other and become better women and people,” said Senior Airman Chelsea Wells, 55th Communications Squadron, cyber security technician.
  • ACC Airmen performing space mission in Australia celebrate 40 years

    The Learmonth Solar Observatory celebrated its 40th anniversary April 27, 2019, at Learmonth, Western Australia, giving solar immersion briefings at the facility and holding a partnership barbecue. The observatory is operated jointly by 2nd Weather Squadron’s Detachment 1 and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s Space Weather Services. “Learmonth Solar Observatory is one of the few places that I’ve heard of whose continuing mission has not really changed in 40 years,” said Master Sgt. Cassandra Denton, Detachment 1 NCO in charge of Solar Electro-Optical Network maintenance. “Major commands changed, but the day-to-day mission of being Sun Spies has not.” Learmonth is one of five solar observatories around the world maintained by the 2nd WS. With locations at Learmonth, Australia; San Vito, Italy; Hamilton, Massachusetts, Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico and Kaena Point, Hawaii; each observatory is positioned to keep the sun in view as the Earth turns. Their collective mission is to provide timely space situational awareness by observing and reporting space weather phenomena as well as its relevance to communications and other Defense Department space-based and Earth-based missions.