• Why I serve: Col. Alan Dayton

    As our world is dominated by COVID-19, it is easy to feel like our lives are a spinning compass. Constantly changing without a clear direction for the future. When asked to write an article on why I serve, it was an easy answer “For times like these.”Our service in times like these is clear. People need support, help, guidance, resources, a lending
  • Glass Titan mission team earns Air Force award

    The Glass Titan Mission team was on the crew bus headed to their jet to conduct a mission, when their mission commander flagged them down and said, “change of plans; you have two hours to prepare.” ​ It’s flexibility like that as well as rapid global mobility, unwavering endurance, precise mission execution and expedited data analysis that helped this team earn the Air Force’s Nuclear Deterrence Operations Professional Team of the Year.
  • OSS ensures airfield operations continue amid COVID-19 pandemic

    When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the local area in March, the 55th Operations Support Squadron faced a challenge unlike any they had faced before to keep airfield operations ongoing. By implementing numerous precautionary measures, this team of more than 200 people, whose vast mission ensures the 55th Wing and its partner units are able to successfully accomplish the flying mission here, have been able to do just that.
  • Offutt reestablishes fuel system lost in flood, increases capability

    For the first time since it was damaged in the March 2019 flood, the Type III Underground Fuel System became operational here June 16, 2020. The Type III Underground Fuel System allows personnel to refuel aircraft via an underground constant pressure system that takes it directly from fuel tanks located just south of the flightline.
  • Offutt begins to loosen COVID-19 restrictions

    Some of the restrictions implemented on Offutt AFB in March of this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic will be relaxed beginning June 12.
  • Weatherington takes command of ‘The Mighty Eighth’ and J-GSOC

    Maj. Gen. Mark Weatherington takes command of the J-GSOC and 8th Air Force, June 12, 2020.
  • New chapel initiative aims to encourage caring for others

    Recently around the installation there have been a series of anonymous attacks happening without any rhyme or reason.The attacks, known as R.A.C.K. Attacks, are random acts of chapel sponsored kindness where the idea is nothing more than putting a smile on someone’s face and providing encouragement. “Our emphasis is encouraging and empowering
  • Intel analysis cells continue worldwide support amid COVID-19

    Across the globe, there have been significant changes to daily life since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. With new protocols in place, the Department of Defense has directed continual operations, and Team Offutt is doing its part to ensure the mission never stops by still generating flights, preparing for deployments and conducting training. The 55th Intelligence Support Squadron’s Electronic Intelligence Processing and Analysis Cell and Omaha Signals Analysis Laboratory, are continuously producing intelligence reports for national and theater commander requirements.
  • Resources assist Airmen in balancing mission, dormitory life

    As the United States military works to balance mission accomplishment with the health of its service members amid the COVID-19 pandemic, dorm residents are also working to accomplish a balance.
  • Warhorses gallop steadfast through COVID-19

    Warhorses in the middle ages were known as cavalry warriors, they came in different sizes, types and were used for various forms of warfare, reconnaissance, raiding, communication, or supply. Unlike the four-legged equine Warhorses of the past, the 55th Logistics Readiness Squadron continues to help maintain the mission of the 55th Wing, getting the right parts and fuels products to the right place.
  • Tiger team saves millions

    Earlier this year, a team of engineers and maintainers set out on a mission to fix an issue indicated by a light in their aircraft’s cockpit, but little did they know they would end up saving the Air Force millions of dollars.For over a year, the aircraft had a fluctuating exhaust gas temperature reading during take-offs, which indicated an
  • 2nd CWSS narrows Air Force Weather’s first-in communications gap

    Members from Air Force Weather and Special Operations communities gathered at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, Feb. 20, to test a first-in communications capability with potential for the global Air Force mission. Joint Special Operations Command, 2nd Combat Weather Systems Squadron, 18th Weather Squadron and 16th Weather Squadron verified the ability of Defense Department satellite communication networks to operate with Project Bat Phone, a first-in communications system that pairs innovative information delivery software with off-the-shelf computers and military radios to deliver key advantages in first-in and contested, degraded and operationally-limited environments, known as CDO environments. Initial efforts had employed the PRC-117G tactical radio to do line-of-sight tests using high frequency radio transmission, validating the software’s capabilities to transmit environmental intelligence while overcoming issues inherent to wireless communication, including latency and data packet loss.
  • COVID-19 testing available for DOD members, families

    As more COVID-19 testing sites pop-up in the local area, the 55th Medical Group would like to remind Team Offutt that testing is available to all DoD members and their families who have COVID-19 symptoms, known contact, are high-risk or have traveled to high-risk areas. Anyone considering alternate testing options should first consult with 55th MDG staff as the Ehrling Bergquist Clinic and Medical Treatment Facility has the infrastructure and capacity to test for COVID-19.
  • 15th OWS creating margin with Ready Month

    The 15th Operational Weather Squadron has introduced a new scheduling model this year to improve readiness, morale and the ability to train. Dubbed “Ready Month,” the plan provides the opportunity for one of the squadron’s four operational flights to come off 24/7 operations for a month to focus on specialized deployment training, team and individual resiliency and flight-wide professional development, while still providing an additional stand-by margin of continuous surge capacity to the operations floor when required. “Resiliency has joined readiness as the two highest priorities for senior leaders and command teams across our Air Force and the Defense Department,” said Lt. Col. Lance Ratterman, 15th OWS commander. “Often times these two priorities can be competing, gains in readiness sometimes come at the expense of resiliency and vice versa.” Based at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, the 15th OWS began operations in February 1999 and spent most of its first two decades focused on a training-centered mission while providing aircrew weather briefings, airfield forecasts, and weather threat alerts for Defense Department locations across the Northeast United States. In the last three years, the 15th OWS mission has evolved and expanded to a global scale. The changes include the implementation of a state-of-the-art graphics system, used to identify aviation hazards across the world. Moreover, the squadron has seen a 650% increase in overseas deployments.
  • Offutt reaches another milestone in commercializing IT services

    Offutt Air Force Base achieved a critical step towards moving network operations to a commercially managed service when an Operational Readiness Review was completed March 23.
  • 55th Wing conducts first large scale deployment during COVID-19 pandemic

    Senior Airman Ebony Washington and Staff Sgt. Milyka Moses, both with the 55th Aerospace Medical Squadron public health, takes the temperature of 55th Wing members before deploying from Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, May 12, 2020. This is the first large scale deployment for the 55th Wing since the stop movement began in March due to the COVID-19
  • First deployed Airmen return during COVID-19

    The first group of 55th Wing Airmen to return from overseas since the COVID-19 pandemic began arrived here May 4, 2020. The Airmen are with the 45th Reconnaissance Squadron and deployed to Kadena Air Base, Japan, providing RC-135U Combat Sent operations.
  • Reach back operations never stop

    Across the globe, there has been significant changes to daily life since the beginning of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 pandemic. With new protocols in place, the Department of Defense has directed continual operations, and Team Offutt is doing their part to ensure the mission never stops by still generating flights, preparing for deployments and
  • Fifty-Fifth fightin’ through COVID-19

    In the midst of a Public Health Emergency, at Health Protection Condition Charlie and with mission-essential personnel only reporting for duty, there is a stillness across the base most likely not seen since its establishment in 1896 as its personnel fight to keep COVID-19 at a distance.
  • Cyber Evolution: 16th WS

    The 16th Weather Squadron is leading the way, reorganizing to become the 557th Weather Wing’s dedicated software and innovation squadron, a move that will generate new insights on environmental intelligence for combatant commanders around the globe. When complete, the reorganization will reinforce 16th WS’s culture of science and technological innovation and warfighter ethos, contributing to the National Defense Strategy’s line of effort to reform the Defense Department for greater lethality and performance.