Offutt AFB Mid-Air Collision Avoidance

Offutt AFB Mid-Air Collision Avoidance video

Describes hazards for flight approach to Offutt Air Force Base.

Traffic Patterns

MACA Traffic Patterns

Pattern Information

- Radar pattern normally flown at 3,000 ft. M SL.
- Base turns are normally flown at 3,000 ft. M SL
    until intercepting the glide path.
- Radar pattern typically flown at 180-220 KIAS.

- VFR Pattern normally flown at 2,500 ft. MSL.
- VFR Pattern is typically flown at 180 KIAS.
- Break turn is South regardless of active runway.
- Aircraft maintain at or below 2,500 ft. MSL until
    departure end of runway.

- Initial altitude is 2,500 ft. MSL.
- Initial is flown at or below 250 KIAS.

About Us

55th Wing Flight Safety 
Mid-Air Collision Avoidance (MACA)

Midair collisions are an area of vital concern to everyone who flies an airplane. The actual number of midair's between Air Force aircraft and general aviation aircraft is relatively low; however, 80 percent of reported Air Force near misses occur with general aviation aircraft. The purpose of this web page is to alert you to the many areas of potential midair collisions in the local area and to discuss ways to make them safer. The aircrew and controllers assigned to Offutt Air Force Base are committed to maintaining a strong, active MACA program. We hope this site will serve to increase your understanding of Offutt's flying activities so we may continue to safely share the skies.

Offutt AFB is the home to the 55th Wing, U.S. Strategic Command, and the 557th Weather Wing.  The 55th Wing operates several versions of the Boeing RC-135 and the E4-B, a modified Boeing 747.  Offutt AFB is located in CLASS C airspace, conjoined with Eppley Airfield.  Due to the close proximity of the two major airfields, aircraft movement into and out of these locations must be accomplished with extra vigilance.  Military training, commercial airline operations, parachute jumping and general aviation all take place within a relatively small volume of airspace. It is every pilot's responsibility to be aware of the hazards that exist in this environment and to do all they can to minimize risks.

The 55th Wing Flight Safety Office is committed to the safe operation of military, commercial, and general aviation aircraft in the local airspace.

Contact Information

- Schedule a safety seminar briefing
- Report midair or near midair collision
- Questions about flying operations at Offutt AFB
- Questions regarding airspace usage

PHONE: (402) 294-3404
DSN: 271-3404


Offutt is a Class C Zone

- Surface to and including 5,000
     MSL within 5 NM radius.

- 2,500 MSL up to and including
     5,000 MSL within a 10 NM radius

- Conjoined with Eppley Airfield
     Class C airspace

- Omaha approach is the controlling
     agency for both Class C airspaces

Mid-Air Collision Avoidance Guide

Mid-Air Collision Avoidance Guide


ATIS 126.025 VHF 273.5 UHF
Ground 121.7  289.4
Tower 123.7  279.625
Omaha App/Dep 120.1  354.05  124.5  263.0

ATIS 120.4
CLNC DEL 119.9
Ground 121.9
Tower 132.1  256.9
Omaha App/Dep 120.1  354.05  124.5  263.0

CLNC DEL 125.4
Omaha App/Dep 120.1  354.05  124.5
CTAF/Unicom 123.0

CTAF/Unicom 122.8
Omaha App/Dep 124.5  263.0

Unicom 122.7
Omaha App/Dep 120.1  354.05

CTAF/Unicom 122.8

Offutt AFB Operator

Offutt Air Force Base Operator 
(402) 294-1110
DSN: 271-1110

Offutt AFB Public Affairs does not act as an operator service or base locator.

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