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55th Contracting Squadron: Points of Contact

Role: Lead, direct, administer and supervise all phases of the squadron's operational and specialized contracting programs and work in support of the 55th Wing, tenant units and Defense Technical Information Center.

Role: Provides business counseling and guidance to small businesses in support of securing contracts and other business relationships within 55th Wing. Responsible for developing and monitoring Offutt AFB's Small Business Program.

Also provides construction, architectural and engineering service, support to the 55th Civil Engineering Squadron. Acquires and administers construction and major service contracts, including delivery and purchase orders, architectural and engineering design services, major utility contracts and other recurring service contracts. Administers SABER contracts, the major construction vehicle for simplified construction efforts.

Role: Provides customer support and quality service by procuring small and large dollar supplies and services for the 55th Wing, US Strategic Command, and many other tenant units. Acquires and administers a variety of supply and service contracts, to include purchase orders/blanket purchase agreements/ AFWAY Information Technology and delivery order(s) against the Air Force Medical Service Commodities Council. Other major contracts include, Grounds Maintenance, Refuse, and Custodial.

Role: Provides Research and Development contracting support to the Defense Technical Information Center's Information Analysis Centers. Specialty areas include Advanced Materials, Manufacturing, and Testing, Chemical and Biological, Chemical Propulsion, Software Data and Analysis, Information Assurance, Reliability, Military Sensing, Survivability/Vulnerability, and Weapons Systems.

Role: Provides IT and local area network (LAN) support to the squadron. The flight maintains the Procurement Desktop - Defense System (PD2) and is responsible for oversight of the Government Purchase Card and Performance Based Services Acquisition programs, conducting contract reviews, self-inspections, establishing squadron policy, and managing the squadron training program.

Role: Provides contracting support to USSTRATCOM, the Air Force Weather Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Major contracts include:

Information Technology Capabilities Contract (ITCC).
Provides the operational, logistical, maintenance, system engineering, integration, configuration management, system administration, and training support services of USSTRATCOM's information technology infrastructure.

Systems Engineering, Management, and Sustainment (SEMS). Provides enterprise level systems engineering, systems management, long-range and roadmap planning, hardware/software maintenance, and integrated logistics support for Air Force Weather Systems.

USSTRATCOM Intelligence Enterprise Support (UIES). Provides the systems administration, database management, hardware/software maintenance and enhancements, integration, communication security, and service center operations of the Defense Intelligence Agency domains at USSTRATCOM.

Foreign Media Analysis (FMA). Provides for statistical analysis indicating patterns and trends in foreign media, content analysis of media disseminated by key media outlets abroad, data basing of information, and web-based product support facilitating easy access by USSTRATCOM and other authorized customers for joint/combined operational planning.

Air Vehicle Planning System (APS). Provides USSTRATCOM full fidelity force-level mission planning functions involving aircraft and weapons systems in support of the nation's nuclear war plan and conventional air launched cruise missile.

Missile Application Software Support (MASS). Provides hardware and software engineering, development, sustainment, enhancement, installation, integration, training, and other technical support required for ballistic missile planning software that allocates and then assigns Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) and Sea-Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBMs) to predetermined targets.

National Target Base and National Desired Ground Zero List Integrated Development System (NIDS). Provides hardware and software engineering, development, sustainment, enhancement, installation, integration, training, and other technical support required for the Integrated Strategic Planning and Analysis Network (ISPAN) targeting mission.

Automated Quality Review and Analysis Software Support (AQRASS). Provides USSTRATCOM with capabilities to plan adaptive, deliberate, and crisis missions, optimize those missions, and provide decision support, management, and oversight of the planning process.

USSTRATCOM Critical Challenges Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL). Provides essential capabilities for the completion and refinement of Concepts of Operations (CONOPS) Development and Mission Planning for USSTRATCOM. Assigned DoD and USSTRATCOM mission areas to include; Space Control and Exploration, Strategic Nuclear Deterrence, and Global Strike.

USSTRATCOM Systems and Missions Support (USAMS). Provides non-personal advisory and assistance services for studies, systems engineering and technical analysis support for USSTRATCOM, the Joint Forces Component Commands and supporting or supported agencies. This support assures operational and intelligence requirements are satisfied through technically feasible, integrated, cost-effective system improvements, acquisition, logistics support, integration and procedures analysis. Particular emphasis is given to system perspectives that promote and ensure interoperability.

Global Innovation Strategy Center (GISC). Provides agile and responsive support to the center by leveraging a full spectrum of traditional and non-traditional resources. Develops diverse courses of action and rapid reaction strike planning to counter evolving adversaries worldwide. Enables kinetic and non-kinetic effects through integrating intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, space and global strike operations, information operations, missile defense, and robust command and control across all levels and all hostility phases to support DoD military operations and U.S. Government national security objectives.

Global Operation Center (GOC). Provides Global Operations Center support through a collaborative environment for unified and theater commanders. Integral in providing the President, senior civilian leadership, USSTRATCOM, other Unified Commands, deployed global forces and support elements with effective networks for command and control to support joint informational needs.

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