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USAF Heartland of America Band

The mission of the United States Air Force Heartland of America Band is simple -- to inspire the hearts and minds of its listeners to increased patriotism and an enhanced awareness of the bravery and sacrifice of Airmen serving throughout Air Combat Command. Delighting audiences since 1943, this 61-member unit represents more than 350,000 dedicated Air Force professionals who diligently watch over the skies of our country and our national interests, and who stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our allies protecting and defending all those who cherish freedom. 

Whether presenting multimedia extravaganzas or traditional concerts, the Heartland of America Band dramatically conveys the bravery, sacrifices and commitment of our expeditionary Airmen, encourages veterans in VA hospitals, educates students of all ages on the importance of airpower and the mission of our Air Force, and buoys the spirits of Airmen thousands of miles from home by deploying to their locations with special performances, bringing uplifting messages of support from Americans back in the States. 

The Heartland of America Band is an Air Force squadron of professional musicians whose backgrounds include advanced degrees in music performance and whose broad mastery of musical styles range from classic to contemporary, jazz to country, and pop to rock. Its various component ensembles perform more than 450 concerts annually, touring extensively throughout a 680,000 square mile eight-state area of responsibility. Known throughout the United States for its outstanding performances and recordings, the Heartland of America Band reaches more than one million people annually through live, radio and television appearances, and has been joined in concert by guest artists such as Frank Mantooth, Kevin Mahogany, Frederick Fennell, Chip Davis, John Denver and Crystal Gayle. 

The Heartland of America Band is comprised of Night Wing, which specializes in popular and country music, The Noteables jazz ensemble, the Brass in Blue brass ensemble, the Winds of Freedom woodwind quintet and the New Horizons clarinet ensemble. Members from these groups also form two brass quintets and a new popular music group entitled Raptor. When joined together, the members of the squadron can form a Show Band, Ceremonial Band or Marching Band.

The Heartland of America Band has received four Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards and five Air Force Organizational Excellence Awards. In addition, it boasts four Colonel George S. Howard Citations of Musical Excellence from the John Philip Sousa Foundation. The band has the singular distinction of being the only Air Force musical unit deployed throughout the entire area of responsibility in support of troop morale during Operation DESERT SHIELD. In 1995, it was named a "World War II Commemorative Community" for its comprehensive support of activities recognizing the 50th Anniversary of victory in World War II. The Heartland of America Band also was honored to perform a major multimedia tribute celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Omaha, Nebraska. 

In April of 2006, Night Wing returned from a deployment to the desert in which they traveled 24,000 miles bringing music and messages from home during 37 shows to troops engaged in Operations IRAQI FREEDOM and ENDURING FREEDOM. Most recently, the unit celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the Air Force by presenting the 2006 Inaugural 55th Wing Tattoo, "The Call of Freedom."