• The Importance of Formal Feedback

    As your 55th Wing Inspector General, I feel if Airmen do their job right, their actions should reduce the number of complaints destined for the IG. The IG office would rather spend time educating the base population and leadership on their rights and responsibilities under the IG system than addressing issues that could have been easily prevented
  • Stronger backs protect the body

    The American College of Sports Medicine currently estimates that four out of every five Americans will, at some point in their life, experience lower back pain. The four most common reasons for this are traumatic injuries, medical conditions, strains and sprains. No one can predict an injury, but the easiest way to avoid injury to the back's
  • Two-part training reduces run times, improves scores

    Have you ever wondered how you can raise your total physical fitness score? Maybe you're unhappy with your run time and would like to know how to improve it. Dedicating yourself to a steady running regimen can greatly improve your physical fitness level and your fitness scores too. As a certified personal trainer and an Air Force physical training
  • Changes in cyberspace culture a must

    Gen. Norton A. Schwartz, Air Force Chief of Staff, recently released a message to Airmen about the need for a change in cyberspace operations culture. In his message, he focused on the need for increased security for our networks and our role in making sure we protect those networks from the bad guys. Through a change in conduct, culture and
  • The good, the bad and the ugly

    Ever had a bad boss? You know the type ... the one you and your friends secretly like to roast as you sit in the break room or, perhaps, when you are recapping the morning events at lunch? Maybe you have an occasional pang of guilt, but you tell yourself that it really isn't your fault since the guy brings it on himself. Rationalize some more and
  • Commander Bids Farewell after 34 year career

    It seems like it was just yesterday that I left Detroit with great anticipation to enter the Air Force and begin flight training. As I look back on the past 33 years, I realize that my Air Force experience was even more exciting than I could have imagined! I certainly never thought that one day I would command "The Mighty Eighth" Air Force. And as
  • Dedication, drive, desire help Airmen achieve excellence

    On May 3rd 2009, 10 dedicated 1st Airborne Command and Control Squadron and six National Airborne Operations Center personnel participated in the Lincoln Marathon. Two of the 14 completed the marathon while others ran or walked the half-marathon. Dedication, drive and desire are the only words that can be used to describe what these individuals
  • Modern battlefield valor for military leaders

    Throughout history, military leaders routinely engaged in battlefield combat performing heroic and courageous acts, which served to rally their forces and inspire them to achieve victory. Over time, reputations were earned by such leaders until some reached the point where their mere presence on the battlefield served to inspire courage in their
  • Understanding consent

    Jim was your typical first-term military member. After three years on active duty he was used to the idea of being out on his own, deploying to support his service and making the most of his off-duty time. One Friday night, Jim was invited to a party. While there, he met up with Jane, a co-worker whom he found interesting. At the party, Jim and
  • Differences should be celebrated

    A changing environment is a constant reminder for us to remain flexible and open to new ideas; whether favorable or unfavorable. As the director of the equal opportunity office at Offutt, I was recently caught in the current of change when the equal employment and military equal opportunity offices were merged into one equal opportunity office.