• The Area Defense Counsel--Your advocates in times of need

    You might have seen our photos or read the posters, "the Area Defense Counsel works for you, not the command." But who are we? And what do we do? As you might have guessed, we are active-duty attorneys and paralegals. But unlike the legal professionals at the base legal office, we don't report to or work for anyone on base -- except you. The Area
  • Air Force pride

    Last week I had the privilege to attend a retirement ceremony for an Airman that had just completed two decades of service. It was during this ceremony that I reflected on why I am so proud to serve my country in the armed services and why the Air Force is such a great place to spend 20 years of service. The first thing that came to mind during my
  • Pardon our mess

    Construction projects worth more than $80 million are currently underway at Offutt. This much of construction activity causes a lot of mess. We ask that you bear with us as we repair base roads, renovate facilities, build new facilities and demolish others. Our in-house crews are actively repairing pavement across the base. Pot hole filling, crack
  • Discipline on, off duty: key to successful career, happier life

    Shortly after coming on active duty, I attended a commander's call in which one of the guest speakers was a legal officer. I still remember the opening line of his briefing. He said, "The four things that get Airmen in trouble more than any other are: checks, sex, drugs, alcohol and failure to go." I've never forgotten that statement and have
  • After 33 years of service, ACC vice commander bids farewell

    Teammates, it has been a sincere privilege to have served with you on this, my last and culminating chapter of service. I have learned so much from all of you, and have taken great pride in how selflessly and tirelessly you all have worked as a team in some challenging times to support our boss, our Airmen and our Air Force. I know we have faced
  • ORI prep made easy

    Nervous about the upcoming Air Combat Command Operational Readiness Inspection? Sure, this event is an important measuring stick of our wing's mission readiness. Yes, ORIs don't come around too often, so our related knowledge and skill sets often atrophy and require some intense training and practice. A little nervousness is to be expected,
  • You Send Them...We Mend Them

    You've often heard the medics holler this cheer at awards ceremonies and promotions ... but for many, it's much more than just a chant. As a recently deployed medic to Iraq, I witnessed events which gave me a more profound understanding and appreciation of Air Force health care. As force multipliers, medics do a phenomenal job of providing
  • Rabies in Nebraska

    Rabies is a viral disease that affects the central nervous system transmitted from infected animals to people and other animals through a bite or a saliva-infected scratch. Unless preventive treatment is promptly given, rabies is almost always fatal. Many warm-blooded mammals can harbor the rabies virus. Reptiles and birds are not known to carry
  • Airmen Messengers

    Imagine this: you've just seen the turn of a new year in the history of a relatively young nation. You are a member of its military. The branch you serve operates in air, space and cyberspace arenas using some of the most advanced and influential technologies the world has ever seen. You make up that all-volunteer force, which is an elite 0.2
  • The Key to Success: Supervisor Involvement

    An often-used phrase in our Air Force -- something we use at commander's calls and see in print from senior leaders all the time -- is "our people are our most valuable resource." As I conclude my command of the 390th Intelligence Squadron at Kadena and reflect on the past two years, I can confirm this to be the case. What made my assignment more