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  • Offutt deployed defenders keep airlift lifeline alive

    On a lonely, dirt runway in the "Middle of Nowhere, Afghanistan," a C-130 Hercules's engines whine while it waits to be unloaded. It carries with it life-sustaining supplies the Forward Operating Base has been running low on for a week now. It is chock full water, food, and ammunition; each one of

  • War Paint

    Painted enamel teeth stretch menacingly across a canvas of riveted steel, animating the inanimate. Shark-mouthed aircraft taunt enemies with snarling grins. Mobile galleries patrol the skies.  Whether a functional designator, reminder of home or a symbol of intimidation, air crew artists have been

  • Why reserve?

    Team Offutt has seen a lot of location changes recently - from the education office moving from Building D to Building C, to the Military Personnel Section moving from the Building C to Building 49 but there is one office that is not going anywhere, and it's the Reserve Recruiters.Although there are

  • Marching On

    Beneath a golden canopy of fall foliage, Jim and Sheila Goeltz stroll through a tree-lined corridor. Underneath their feet lies a brick red running track, which encircles the historic parade grounds of Offutt Air Force Base.  Step-by-step and side-by-side they move steadily through the still

  • Envision: changing the misconception

    Walking into the bottom floor of Building D, originally a World War II aircraft assembly plant, can be eerie to say the least. It is dimly lit, with no windows or color. The floor is paved and occasionally wet, resembling a dark alley.But for customers headed to the Envision supply store, the

  • This Rocky comeback is no movie fairytale

    A fully trained and certified military working dog is valued at anywhere between $20,000 and $40,000, depending on its background and expertise.For that reason alone, trainers at the Department of Defense Military Working Dog School at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas, go to great lengths to help a dog

  • LLCs vital to linguist mission

    Not every Airman has what it takes to become a linguist.Long before they step off the bus at basic military training, potential candidates must complete a Defense Language Aptitude Battery test. The test examines their capability to learn a secondary language and if they pass their score is used to

  • 41st EECS Scorpions defend the force with Compass Call

    On the combat frontier in Afghanistan, the ability to disrupt or exploit enemy command and control communication is vital to protecting the lives of U.S. and Coalition tactical air, surface and special operations forces.A big part of that mission is entrusted to the Airmen of the 41st Expeditionary

  • Going nowhere fast: Offutt Airman battles the odds to succeed

    As a high school student living in small town U.S.A., he was going nowhere fast and his family was struggling with several challenges of their own.  With several failing grades and zero desire to do more than the bare minimum, U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Daniel Meyer, 55th Aircraft Maintenance

  • OPERATION: Unchained

    A Jetstream 41 aircraft glides over the chiseled relief of the Himalayan Mountains en route to Bharatpur, Nepal.  U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Scott Bettencourt peers out a window as the topography of the land levels replacing rocky summits with the lush lowlands of south-central Nepal. By his side is