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  • CAA spearheads Offutt professional development

    “The 55th Wing will be a learning organization.” With that statement at a recent commander’s update briefing, Col. Michael Manion, 55th Wing commander, provided Senior Master Anthony Thompson Jr., the 55th Wing’s new Career Assistance Advisor, a mandate, and empowered him to improve the unit by building leaders using all the resources at his disposal.
  • Not broken, just redesigned: Former Team Offutt members return for Warrior CARE Event

    Wounded Warriors and caregivers from all over the Midwest flocked to Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, from Aug. 1 – 4 for the North Central Air Force Wounded Warrior CARE Event, comprised of days spent in ambassador training, adaptive sports and interacting with members of Team Offutt. For many of these warriors, the time spent at Offutt was a
  • What Tomorrow Brings: Offutt Airman helps build better future in Afghanistan

    In 2011, Jason Strong walked into an Air Force recruiter’s office and fell in love.“I joined the Air Force at a very chaotic time in my life,” said Strong, now a staff sergeant and a data operator on the E-4B at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. “I had been in foster care for my senior year of high school, which was the only year I went to public
  • Transgender Airman flies high with new AF policy

    On Ashleigh Buch’s 27th birthday, she woke up early, as usual, to go on a run before squadron physical training. She had always loved running, but today, as her feet pounded the pavement in the pre-dawn light, she prayed. “Please, let me be a woman. It’s my birthday, please let me have this.”She started to cry as she ran, repeating her prayer again
  • Six rounds a second

    From the time it takes you to read this sentence, the smoke would have already cleared and more than 20 shell casings would be on the ground from Lt. Casey Ryan’s .40 caliber STI Eagle.   The amazing part is how all 20 rounds he shot would have likely hit a book sized target and he would have already ejected the old magazine, loaded a new one and
  • In a digital age, print continues to meet mission requirements

    Through entrance 11 and over inactive train tracks of the lower-level Martin Bomber Building, sits a solitary door in the repurposed World War II manufacturing plant - behind it, a decades-old mission persists.Behind this door, Joe Knott, an electronic duplicating systems technician, walks among industrial print machinery juxtaposed with
  • Maintenance Airman strikes out

    Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned.U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Aaron Wilkes, 55th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron dedicated crew chief, tried out for the 2016 Air Force Bowling Team and didn’t make it, but that isn’t where his story begins or ends. Starting at age five, Wilkes began accompanying his father to league nights at the bowling alley every
  • Two Team Offutt members beautify the Old Market

    Icicles descend from the century-old building inching closer to greet the cobblestone streets of Omaha’s historic Old Market district on a frigid January morning.  The heart of the Old Market, 11th and Howard, is encased by unnaturally thick sheets of ice made possible by the Omaha Fire Department’s hoses as they continue to fight a gas fire
  • Offutt Airmen start a new kind of social network

    Moving boxes, some empty, collect in corners and along unimpeded stretches of empty walls. The landscape outside, peoples’ faces are foreign and new. Sounds echo in the new home, amplified by an excitable toddler eager to explore the space.The new world quickly becomes one of isolation as the mission requires your spouse to leave the country.
  • Amelia Airhurt: Offutt Airman is a fighter on wheels

    Jocelyn Smith can remember the moment she really learned to fly. She was in high school, and she knew what she wanted her plane to do to land perfectly. And, for the first time, she was able to make the plane do exactly what she wanted, landing smoothly and easily. The World War II veteran who served as her teacher turned to her and yelled, “Why