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  • True resilience: One Man's Journey from South Sudan to American Airman

    Two million people died, four million were displaced and thousands fled civil war, but by faith and perseverance, one "lost boy" who is now an American Airman returns home.As a young boy at the age of 5, U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Deng Pour, a survivor of the 1983-2006 Sudanese civil war lived through many years of near starvation and genocide, but
  • TAP inspires a new beginning

    In response to rising unemployment rates, especially among veterans returning from service in Iraq and Afghanistan, President Barack Obama signed the Veterans Opportunity to Work to Hire Heroes Act on Nov. 21, 2011. Among other initiatives, the bill calls for a major restructure of the military's transition assistance program, which had not been
  • Offutt hoopsters looking for weekend sweep

    The Team Offutt basketball squad hosts its first double-round-robin meet of the season at the Offutt Field House on Nov. 16-17.Team Offutt welcomes the Tinker Air Force Base, Okla., and Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., teams to base and will play them both twice over two days."We ask that the members of Offutt Air Force Base come out and support the
  • The Connection: Leadership Lab for Next Year's Leaders

    When an Airman moves into the Offutt dormitories fresh from technical school, they are naturally curious about a lot of things. They don't yet know where the dining facility is, or where they'll report in to work. Their sponsor takes care of these quick issues, but then leaves the Airman to explore their new home.If they're lucky, they'll travel to
  • Heartland of America Band completes transition

    Throughout the history of music, all great bands go through periods of transition. Whether it's a shift in musical direction or simply a lineup change, almost all bands experience it.The Heartland of America Band, stationed at Offutt Air Force Base, Neb., is certainly no different. A little more than a year ago, the Air Force decided to restructure
  • New Air Force program provides legal assistance to sexual assault victims

    A new Air Force program is giving victims of sexual assault a voice, allowing them to combat their cases in new ways. The Special Victims Council program kicked off last November with the training of 60 judge advocates to become part-time SVCs, and in May, the training of 24 JAGs to become full-time SVCs. The program consists of JAGs and paralegals
  • A legacy remembered

    If someone said they retired at 59; your initial reaction would be one of a general nicety or some other form of congratulations. But what can one say to James Norwood who retired July 31 at 59 years - of combined service?Somehow a general congratulation doesn't seem to be enough for someone with this amount of dedication, does it? So, what kind of
  • From the leash down

    Military Working Dogs and their handlers assigned to the 455th Expeditionary Security Forces Group patrol and protect Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, and the surrounding area.The handlers perform weekly controlled aggression training with their dogs and practice in a MWD obstacle course to provide realistic scenarios the team can expect to encounter
  • Offutt Ambassador program shows motivation is contagious

    Over the last several months, you may have noticed some changes in the way you are greeted as you enter Offutt Air Force Base. Since August 2012, a selected group of active duty and civilian guards, referred to as the Offutt Ambassadors, have worked "to provide excellent customer service while granting access to our installation," according to
  • Protecting your teeth with mouth guards

    Knowing how to prevent injuries is important when you, or your child, participate in organized or recreational activities. Whether you are involved in contact sports like football or wrestling or non-contact sports such as gymnastics or weightlifting, wearing a mouth guard can offer significant protection. How would you feel if you lost one or two