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  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month

    For most of us mental health is like our car engine, we don't give it much attention until something goes wrong. And like our car engine, we'll ignore something wrong until it absolutely has to be fixed. Unfortunately, our mental health doesn't come with a check engine light. Whether it's family, friends or the chain of command, someone usually has
  • Aircrew flight equipment checked, rechecked

    Have you ever wondered, while sitting through a pre-flight safety briefing on a commercial aircraft, what would happen if that little oxygen mask actually fell in front of your face? Would it work? When was the last time anyone actually looked at those things? The aircrew flight equipment office here, formerly known as life support, has the
  • Separation roadmap will keep you on track

    In the poem "The Road Not Taken," Robert Frost mourns the fact that he could only take one of the two paths in front of him. However, he does acknowledge that the lesser travelled path that he takes has made all the difference.When trying to fulfill all of one's milestones in life, having a roadmap available might make sure every path taken after
  • Retirees, civilians serve Offutt, local community

    One teaches youth about the history of Omaha, another answers phones at the Red Cross call center and delivers meals to hungry families, and yet another lends her voice to sing the national anthem.These are just a few examples of the ways that military retirees and civilians serve Team Offutt and the local community.Retired Capt. Jim E. Mays left
  • Linguists are major part of 97th mission

    Whether they're flying thousands of feet above Earth or with their feet firmly on the ground, the linguists of the 97th Intelligence Squadron are focused on protecting their fellow warriors.A linguist is defined as someone who is skilled in several languages and the linguists of the 97th IS speak multiple languages including Chinese, Russian,
  • Family members serve Team Offutt, community

    Military family members sacrifice much. Their spouses, mothers and fathers leave to fight wars while they take care of the home and the children. Despite this, many still find time to serve their local community.In 2009, Offutt's Red Cross volunteers, many of them military family members, contributed 3,641 hours serving Team Offutt and the local
  • Military members serve their country, community

    Military members volunteer to defend their country, many times in harm's way. Many of those same servicemembers also give their time freely to serve their local community, helping wherever they can.Members of Team Offutt support the base and local community in many ways. Whether it's working to make Offutt a better place for all servicemembers, or
  • Vehicle ops' balancing act keeps mission moving

    Picture performers spinning ceramic plates on thin poles, constantly watching, moving and adjusting to make sure the fragile disks stay balanced and rotating. One wrong move or lack of attention could easily cause the plates to tumble before shattering into pieces on the ground.The same concept of spinning plates is applied by a small group of
  • Air Force Assistance Fund takes care of their people

    By now most people here are well aware that the 2010 Air Force Assistance Fund Campaign is underway.More than likely someone from your office has contacted you and explained how this annual campaign, in its 37th year of existence, continues to provide for the Air Force family through four different organizations.In the case of Capt. Sonja Hosler,
  • Orthodontists at Offutt provide relief, expert care

    At any given time, there may only be approximately 36 orthodontists in the entire U.S. Air Force, stationed at a limited number of bases. Team Offutt is fortunate that several members of that small career field are stationed here and can help provide relief from a number of conditions and support for other dental services and treatments. The 55th