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  • Offutt Operator, may I help you?

    A last-minute tasker has been handed down and a contact number is needed in a hurry to complete it. What is that number? No directory is in sight and the computer system has been shut down for the night. Instinctively, the base operator number is dialed. The numbers are punched, a ring tone is heard and finally an answer: "Offutt Operator, may I
  • A day in the life of a senior non-commissioned officer

    The phone rings at 2 a.m. Disturbed and now awake, a master sergeant answers. The voice on the other end of the telephone informs him that one of his Airmen needs help. Without hesitation, he quickly dresses and heads for the door. In the Air Force, Airmen fortunate enough to achieve the ranks of master sergeant through chief master sergeant
  • Day in the life of a non-commissioned officer

    Day to day life in the Air Force can be challenging at times for Airmen, especially for the service's junior non-commissioned officers. Staff sergeants and technical sergeants must juggle family commitments and their personal goals along with Air Force responsibilities, something that can be a daunting task. These Airmen represent the Air Force's
  • From dusk to dawn: Day shift workers

    Across the globe, Airmen work constantly to complete essential Air Force missions. But, even with this 24-hour on-the-job mentality, there are still jobs here that have business hours similar to a civilian work week.When night-shift workers struggle to fall asleep with the rising sun, day-shift workers pull on boots or low quarters, grab a cup of
  • A day in the life of an Airman

    Life in the Air Force can be challenging, especially if you're an Airman who has left home 30 times in the past two years. Times can also be difficult for an Airman who takes care of her daughter and mother. These are two Airmen here at Offutt, and this is their story.Senior Airman Theresa E. Civil, an aerospace ground equipment mechanic with the
  • Social, intellectual enrichment through books, film

    Winter is the perfect time for many to cozy up with a book and cup of hot chocolate. Why not be inspired by a movie and mind-expanding discussion with others while you share perspectives on books that have been made into movies?An opportunity for social enrichment is offered at the Thomas S. Power Library, here, the first and second Mondays of each
  • Winter driving safety tips

    Over the next couple of months, snow accumulation will be a reality for the greater Omaha metro area. The following are important tips and reminders to help keep people safe on the road. "Winter weather can change quickly, and we want to educate everyone to be prepared to handle snow, sleet, ice and the hazardous road conditions they can pose,"
  • New Facilities, Renovations in store

    Offutt continues to be a hub of construction activity with an excess of $81 million worth of base construction projects ongoing or upcoming throughout the base.Projects range from new facilities being built to the demolition of obsolete ones, and continued renovation and repairs throughout the installation.Below is the latest on construction and
  • The high cost of freedom

    The cost of freedom cannot and should not be measured in mere dollars, or even in millions or billions of dollars. Today's large military budgets are spent on equipment, buildings, airframes, maintenance, personnel and training. These are the items that are most commonly thought of when people consider the cost of the freedoms we enjoy. However,
  • You may make the difference: Countering terrorism requires your help

    Only you know who or what belongs, or doesn't belong, in your building, neighborhood or work center. Recognition of this fact is behind one of the Air Force antiterrorism initiatives, a program known as "Eagle Eyes." The program is similar to a typical neighborhood-watch program and Air Force officials consider it a key piece in the service's