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  • “Homesick Angel” receives tender loving care

    A piece of American history, Offutt's static display B-17 "Homesick Angel," is undergoing structural repair and repainting through June 2009. "We inspect the airplane every year, but this time around we found some major repair work needed to be done," said Walt Chapman, 55th Maintenance Squadron aircraft structural repair craftsman. "When we opened
  • 2008 Veteran's Day Message

    Veterans Day This holiday is a special day; one set aside to remind us of the sacrifices and service of our veterans. These men and women were and are valiantly and selflessly devoted to a cause greater than them. Indeed, this day helps us focus our attention on the purpose of Veterans Day: a celebration to honor America's veterans for their
  • King James was right ... tobacco habit is harmful, dangerous

    It was described in the 17th century by England's King James the First as "... for eyes disgusting habit, offensive for nose, harmful for brains and dangerous for lungs," yet it didn't stop the past time of smoking tobacco from spreading across Europe and the Americas. Today, many medical professionals are probably thinking, "why didn't we listen
  • Local chapter of veteran's motorcycle club goes all in to help military families

    A veteran finds out he has cancer and his family wonders how to pay for treatment and bills. A mother cares for her special needs child, trying to find the best doctor to help her daughter have a better life. A soldier gets injured in a training exercise in preparation for deployment, ending his military career. These heartbreaking stories are all
  • USSTRATCOM officer reaches out, gives back to local middle school students

    For Navy Capt. Paula Hinger, giving back to the local community has a different meaning - one that is close to her heart. She recently transformed her personal and professional passions for education and service into something memorable for about 100 students and staff May 21 at Russell Middle School in Millard, Neb. Hinger put together a team of
  • AFCENT Command Band 'Falcon' kicks off theater-wide tour

    The U.S. Air Force Central Command Band called Falcon recently kicked off a 60-day musical tour of duty to perform for U.S. and coalition forces and local citizens in each of the countries they'll be visiting. Based in Southwest Asia, the Falcon Band is comprised of Airmen musicians from Offutt's U.S. Heartland of America Band. These dynamic
  • Offutt member helps beautify AOR

    When the Taliban took power in 1996, they imposed a new way of life and removed basic freedoms from the people of Afghanistan. Among the many rules imposed was the banishment of art. For more than a decade, art has been missing from this historic society. A group of 39 artists from Task Force MED wanted to change that. Master Sgt. Al Greig was
  • Combat civilians: Managing the airfield

    It's commonplace for military members to deploy to fight wars in foreign countries during their careers. For most, it's not a matter of 'if,' it's a matter of 'when.' Deployment is an integral part of supporting and defending "the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." Nowadays, however, it's not only
  • Sergeant Stripes says ... 'Know your flag!'

    As a resolution for 2007, a noncommissioned officer is taking it upon himself to broaden the horizons of Team Offutt when it comes to Air Force customs and courtesies. The first offering from Sergeant Stripes, our resident expert on everything Air Force, or at least where to find the info, deals with our nation's flag, how and why we fly her, and
  • Evasive action

    Not all training for Offutt aircrew members takes place on an aircraft. Or, for that matter, anywhere near one. For 14 Offutt flyers last week, training didn't take place in a simulator or classroom either. Instead, they packed their bags with energy bars and insect repellant, and left with Capt. Rhett Murphy, 55th Operations Squadron aircrew