• Tactical Excellence

    "Tactical Excellence" is quickly becoming the celebrated flagship phrase for Air Force security forces, a mantra that encompasses everything from training to spiritual wellness to air mindedness. Although the phrase carries several connotations, it can be used with the largest of problems or simplest of tasks, but the best part is it conceptually
  • Living the Core Values

    Where did you learn right from wrong? Your parents? Your grandparents? Church? School? Most of us learned right from wrong as we grew up. It happened all around us by our exposure to choices. When we made good choices, we were either rewarded, and when we made the wrong choice, we were "redirected" sometimes rather harshly. The bottom line is that
  • Communicating with technology

    "An email sent is not an email received." A group commander said those words to me not too long ago. Effective communication is essential for any organization to function properly and we cannot accomplish the mission without it. However, we must utilize it properly. We are an Air Force heavily reliant on technology. Communication technologies have
  • Individual and TEAM Leadership Principles

    Former U.S. President and Army Chief of Staff, General Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, "You do not lead by hitting people over the head - that's assault, not leadership." While specific leadership techniques are situationally dependent, personnel respond much better if they are empowered and do not feel threatened. My basic leadership philosophy
  • From resolution to resolute

    I've never been one to make New Year's resolutions. I enjoy the nostalgic look back at the end of the year to review what has been accomplished, milestones passed, historic achievements and the human interest stories, but that's where my participation in the New Year's "accounting" generally comes to a close. I think my discomfort with resolutions
  • The Most Important Weapon System: The Human Weapon System

    Per Brig. Gen. Donald Bacon, 55th Wing commander, "over the past year, we have continually strived for excellence and compliance, to do things the right way, instead of the easy way. Our hard work and dedication were validated through our performance in 37 inspections, including our astounding 99 percent compliance during our latest unit compliance
  • Leading in challenging times

    Are you ready to lead? You might say, "Of course I am. I've been a leader since I became an NCO or lieutenant or supervisor." I contend our leadership challenges are, with the exception of some contingency deployments, minor compared to what we are likely to face in the coming years. I also contend that "when you have everything you need it's easy
  • Discipline…your key to success

    The mission isn't getting any smaller for the 55th Wing and there aren't more people available to get the job done. So how can you succeed as a professional Airman while still ensuring our mission gets accomplished? The answer is discipline.Webster's define discipline as training to act in accordance with rules, as well as behavior and order
  • Remember Pearl Harbor

    The phrase, "Remember Pearl Harbor," mobilized our nation for total war after our Pacific fleet was severely damaged during the surprise attack on Dec. 7, 1941. Today, 70 years later, we honor those who fought that terrible day, but as military professionals we should also "Remember Pearl Harbor" for the lessons learned. Our military was caught by
  • What it takes for promotion or retention

    Have you wondered what it takes to get promoted? Or with Air Force retention at a 17-year high and current manpower exceeding what has been authorized by Congress, what it takes to be retained during the drawdown, reductions in force and selective early retirements? The Air Force is full of highly qualified individuals deserving of promotion and