• ‘Lucky’ people take personal responsibility for their own success

    "She's so lucky!" "He has all the luck!" Just like you, I hear these terms thrown around from time to time. I've often been taken somewhat by surprise when I hear one of these phrases. Don't get me wrong, I think there are times when truly random events of good fortune happen. Take for instance the lady that recently won $590 million in the
  • An Airman’s leadership we can all learn from

    One of my favorite topics is leadership; and because it comes in so many flavors and descriptions, writing about it can be difficult, but reading about it occasionally causes groans from those who are taught the subject often and at many levels throughout their career. Regardless of the base organization, the commander has a number of charges to
  • You Are a Person of Interest

    Every person has information that is unique to themselves which is used by numerous organizations both on and off base. Organizations such as banks, credit agencies and your unit all have records that contain information about you. Some of this information includes your Social Security Number (SSN), date of birth, address and phone number, account
  • Leadership is not magical or mysterious

    The recurring topic of my week was leadership. My Senior NCOs were having a professional development lunch on Friday to discuss what leadership is. Since my monthly luncheon with my Junior NCOs and airmen happened to fall in the same week, I thought I would capitalize on the topic of leadership and ask my NCOs their opinion on the matter.I posed
  • Integrity First in the 21st Century

    "Integrity is the fundamental premise for military service in a free society. Without integrity, the moral pillars of our military strength, public trust and self-respect are lost." - Gen. Charles A. GabrielIntegrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do are the core values that are the foundation of our U.S. Air Force and what

    I have always believed that if two military folks are standing on the street corner, someone is in charge. Our military organization is centered on this premise. Without clarity in this area, confusion sets in, mission success is degraded, and, in some cases, missions fail. In a squadron construct, ultimately the squadron commander is in charge,
  • Insight - Then and now

    Visiting our nation's hallowed war memorials not only reminds us of our profession of arms, but strengthens our sense of duty. I recently had the opportunity to visit the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. What military members will notice immediately are the 15 Medal of Honor recipients and 177 documented acts of heroism earned that day of
  • Operational Readiness

    November concluded a challenging period, punctuated by two exhausting exercises. The first was our annual participation in USSTRATCOM's annual GLOBAL THUNDER exercise and the second was an Operational Readiness Exercise which is intended to prepare the wing for next year's Operational Readiness Inspection. Both of these exercises require the
  • Making the hard choice

    As a commander and leader in the Air Force, I have learned my primary role in accomplishing the mission and taking care of Airmen is to make decisions. The unit - whether it's a flight, squadron, group or wing - is comprised of professionals with various degrees of expertise. These Airmen, non-commissioned officers and commissioned officers are
  • Doing the hard things

    Do you do hard things? Would you choose to do something you don't like to do? I took a professional survey once that was designed to help me choose a career. It asked a lot of questions such as, "would you rather type a label or glue a label on a bottle?" or "would you rather work outside or inside?" I was very interested to see what this marvel of