• Wing earns second MUA

    Air Combat Command honored the members of the 55th Wing Oct. 10 for their exceptional contributions to the ongoing Global War on Terror by awarding the Air Force Meritorious Unit Award. It was the second time the wing had won the award in two years. The two-year eligibility periods for the awards were consecutive, meaning the wing has won the award
  • Tennessee ANG unit stands up new facility

    On Nov. 22 U.S. Strategic Command officials announced the first distributive command and control facility completed its transformation and is successfully operating under the leadership of the Tennessee Air National Guard near Knoxville. This facility is the first in a planned series of distributive communications sites designed to enhance the
  • Team Offutt comes through

    During the president's recent diplomatic mission to East Asia, the presidential aircraft encountered the failure of several aircraft tires while landing in Vietnam. At no time was the president or his primary mode of foreign travel at risk during the unusual, but not unheard of, maintenance challenge. It was then, with the leader of the free world
  • Giving together: Offutt sets bar high

    "We have three 'kick-off' events lined up for the base," said Maj. Eric Barton, Offutt's CFC coordinator. "The first one actually didn't even take place on base. It was down at Lincoln, for our folks working there while Offutt's runway is being repaired. The second one is Friday [today], for the medical group." The big event, however, will be on
  • 'The Call of Freedom' - A Musical Journey

    Free and open to the public, "The Call of Freedom," will offer spectators a unique blend of music, theater and the military experience featuring the United States Air Force's Heartland of America Band. "'The Call of Freedom' will take the audience on a dramatic journey through military history using singing, dancing, dramatic lighting and laser
  • Offut's impact on the local economy

    Community leaders have long known that military installations have a significant impact on the towns and cities around them. But how much of an impact? That is the question the men and women of the 55th Comptroller Squadron attempt to answer each October as they prepare the annual Offutt Economic Impact Analysis. Some impacts are easier to measure
  • Offutt honors exceptional workers at picnic

    Although relatively small in scale, an event held Wednesday at the base lake was grand in purpose. The Javits-Wagner-O'Day Appreciation picnic showed Team Offutt's support for the disabled employees who provide important services to the base. Several hundred people attended the event to recognize more than 200 individuals. The honorees - about 80
  • 25th IOS joins 55th Wing

    The 55th Operations Group assumed command of its newest squadron Wednesday, as the 25th Information Operation Squadron at Hurlburt Field, Fla., was organizationally re-subordinated under the 55th Wing here at Offutt. The organizational shift will consolidate almost all of the Air Force's airborne cryptologic linguists under a single group. The
  • Concrete results

    Since May, Offutt has been a little quieter due to the ongoing $19.8 million runway project which will repair normal wear and tear done by years of constant airfield operations. The construction efforts of over 100 contractors are underway around the clock in an effort to complete the project and return normal air operations to the base by early
  • AMUs combine resources to accomplish mission

    With the deployment of 55th Wing aircraft and Airmen to Lincoln Air Park for the duration of Offutt's runway project, two units have joined together to better accomplish the wing's mission. The 38th and 45th Aircraft Maintenance Units, both of which maintain various models of the C-135, have consolidated their maintenance efforts. One example is
  • Airmen course a first taste of professional development

    An Airman sits in a room waiting to be told what his detail for the day will be. Will he be going around the base picking up trash, stapling packets together, painting a room or one of the many other tasks that need to be accomplished around base? For many years, that is what participants in the First Term Airmen Course - formerly called the First
  • Air Force plots path to Culture of Responsible Choices

    For years, the Air Force has prided itself on a "Work Hard/Play Hard" ethic. However, Air Force leaders are increasingly concerned that Airmen might be playing a little too hard. A service-wide increase in alcohol related incidents, among other indicators, has led to the introduction of a new ethic: Work hard, and play smart. "We're not trying to
  • Lincoln ops half-way done

    Over the last two months, the sounds of aircraft at Offutt have been replaced by the sounds of construction equipment. The $19.8 million runway project to repair the normal wear and tear of airfield operations has forced the 55th Wing to 'deploy' its aircraft and Airmen to Lincoln Air Park, Neb., to continue flying the wing's missions. While the
  • Critical Days half over

    At the halfway point of this year's 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign, base safety officials say the number of mishaps has fallen compared to the same time last year. But, they add, they want to encourage Team Offutt members to continue looking out for each other and themselves. At this time last year the Air Force had experienced 18 fatalities.
  • Harsher DUI laws await drunk drivers

    Those who viewed Nebraska's previous driving under the influence laws as harsh got a wake up call at midnight July 12 when LB 925 went into effect. The tougher legislation, signed by Nebraska Gov. Dave Heinemann during the last state legislative session, aims to clamp down on DUI offenders by increasing penalties, creating new offenses and allowing