• Air Force plots path to Culture of Responsible Choices

    For years, the Air Force has prided itself on a "Work Hard/Play Hard" ethic. However, Air Force leaders are increasingly concerned that Airmen might be playing a little too hard. A service-wide increase in alcohol related incidents, among other indicators, has led to the introduction of a new ethic: Work hard, and play smart. "We're not trying to
  • Lincoln ops half-way done

    Over the last two months, the sounds of aircraft at Offutt have been replaced by the sounds of construction equipment. The $19.8 million runway project to repair the normal wear and tear of airfield operations has forced the 55th Wing to 'deploy' its aircraft and Airmen to Lincoln Air Park, Neb., to continue flying the wing's missions. While the
  • Critical Days half over

    At the halfway point of this year's 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign, base safety officials say the number of mishaps has fallen compared to the same time last year. But, they add, they want to encourage Team Offutt members to continue looking out for each other and themselves. At this time last year the Air Force had experienced 18 fatalities.
  • Harsher DUI laws await drunk drivers

    Those who viewed Nebraska's previous driving under the influence laws as harsh got a wake up call at midnight July 12 when LB 925 went into effect. The tougher legislation, signed by Nebraska Gov. Dave Heinemann during the last state legislative session, aims to clamp down on DUI offenders by increasing penalties, creating new offenses and allowing