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  • An Airman’s Journey to Serve from Across the Globe

    “I would like to highlight what the United States Air Force has done for me and my family,” is how Senior Airman Shelan Kaky, 55th Comptroller Squadron financial analysis technician, started a letter explaining how her journey led her to serving here.

  • 55th Wing test Pluto app around the world

    The 55th Wing Project BOCKSCAR office and other members from Team Offutt participate in a test trial of the new Pluto application Nov. 13-17, 2023, at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska.

  • WARHAWK01 visits Team Kadena Recon

    The 55th Wing commander recently visited the 82d Reconnaissance Squadron and 390th Intelligence Squadron, who operate here at one of the wing’s five geographically separated locations.

  • Flood recovery project include new homes for fish

    In a proactive move to bolster the aquatic ecosystem and counter the steady decline of sportfish condition and abundance, more than 50 artificial fish habitat structures were strategically submerged in the Base Lake recently.

  • Fight the Flu

    Cold and flu season is here again. According to the World Health Organization, there are around a billion cases of seasonal influenza annually. Symptoms typically present 1-4 days after infection and usually last about a week.

  • SERE, Guard team up for hoist training

    The 55th Operations Support Squadron’s survival, evasion, resistance and escape specialists, better known as SERE, joined with the Nebraska Army National Guard to conduct hoist training November 4, 2023.

  • Temporary road to E-4B hangar opens

    After months of inter-agency coordination, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held October 20, 2023, to celebrate the opening of a new temporary road to the Allman Maintenance Facility, home of the E-4B.

  • Securing Airmen to help secure our world

    Have you ever thought about what you may be doing to secure our world? Think about it. As technology advances, what are you doing to protect yourself from online threats and malicious ransomware attacks? The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is working to ensure a secure and

  • Det 4 provides a data analysis capability for ACC units

    Air Combat Command's Detachment 4 supports commanders and warfighters across ACC's Numbered Air Forces, Air Operations Centers, Wings, and levels below the Wing to deliver decision dominance through data analytics. Det 4's mission is to execute operational analysis by transforming data into decision

  • Air Force heritage carried forward

    The Air Force is gilded with tradition despite its relatively short history when compared to the long tenure of its fellow branches in the Department of Defense. When we look at these traditions through the eyes of Airmen who serve, we sometimes see the footprints of the men and women who served

  • Impact Aid important to local school district

    If you have students within the Bellevue Public Schools or Papillion-La Vista Community Schools districts, you should soon be receiving an Impact Aid survey form, known within BPS as the First Count form.

  • Information Operations creates global reach

    Integrated deterrence starts at the lowest level and at 16th Air Force’s (AFCYBER) 67th Cyberspace Wing A39, the Information Operations team is making a global impact at their level.