• American Salad With Diversity Dressing

    Our country was once thought to be a "melting pot," with all different cultures able to assimilate into the American culture. However, for this country to achieve its maximum potential, our thought processes need to change. We should seek to make our society a salad as opposed to a fondue. Just as every piece in a salad contributes to the overall
  • What does the Inspector General (IG) Complaints Resolution Program do for me?

    Great question, especially if you've never had to contact them. The Inspector General system used throughout the total force is based on the concept that IG's serve as an extension of their Wing commander by acting as his or her eyes and ears to be alert to issues that affect the wing. IG's primarily serve their commanders by executing the
  • 55th CES keeps our ‘city’ running

    I appreciate this great opportunity to reach the entire base populace with information about the 55th Civil Engineer Squadron. Our key flights are operations and maintenance, engineering, the fire department, emergency management, housing, environmental and real property. I would like to go into a little detail about the two flights which maintain,
  • Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity headed to America’s Heartland

    Thousands of people poured onto the streets of Philadelphia for their annual Veterans Day parade recently. This year, however, the citizens of Philly were treated to something unique. Hundreds of men and women of the U.S. Air Force joined their celebrations, bringing with them high-tech equipment and an incredible flyover that had everyone's eyes
  • The Road to Omaha: Top Ten reasons to love College World Series

    Whether you've watched it on TV, or listened to it on the radio, until you've actually been here and experienced the atmosphere, you can't fully appreciate all that is the College World Series. So, with apologies to David Letterman, here are the top 10 things I love about the CWS: 10. The Underdogs: There has always been a certain amount of love
  • Managing Peril: An Airman’s perspective

    At any given moment, scores of Airmen are doing something dangerous. They are putting millions of dollars in materiel in peril and risking life and limb. They're not likely to stop. They are not riding motorcycles, parachuting or bull riding. They are doing their jobs. At the 55th Wing, many of our daily duties are inherently risky. We fly and fix
  • Spiritual fitness is as important as physical fitness

    I have often noticed here on our beloved parade grounds or within our field house that people are willing to endure a lot to keep their bodies in shape. They will perform with meticulous precision diets, weight-lifting and aerobic routines, cycling feats, chin-ups, sit-ups and push-ups. It takes discipline to complete these routines and discipline
  • Letter from the Commander -- 180 Critical Days of Summer

    As we all begin our proactive summer safety program, we need to consider last year's tragic events in 8 AF and ACC and count ourselves fortunate to not have had any critical injuries or fatalities to our Offutt team! Sadly, each one of the tragic losses of last year could have been prevented had the participant exercised personal risk management
  • Teamwork - are you doing all you can?

    It is easy to get engrossed in our exciting summer activities and become complacent when it comes to safety. The goal of the 180 Critical Days of Safety Campaign is to keep people in a safety mind set. "This year's concept is to emphasize, at the lowest level, that we all have a part in doing our best to ensure the success of our unit, wing, and
  • Need to know – Who’s your Wingman?

    I know what you're thinking ...Wingman is a buzz word thrown around without much thought; I can take care of myself and this is just another way for people in my unit to rat me out to my first sergeant or commander when I'm having a bad day or go out partying with my friends. How many times have you been briefed or read about how important it is to