• Balancing faith, family and force

    When I was a brand new lieutenant, a squadron commander tried to explain to me how everything we do can be put into three categories: faith, family and force. I questioned his logic and explanation at the time, but over the years I've found the statement to be true. The challenge we all face is finding the right balance between them. My family and
  • Mentorship, leadership not always the same

    "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Isaac NewtonI believe there are misconceptions among our Airmen about mentoring and what it means to be mentored. I don't believe many recognize mentoring when they see it, nor do they truly understand what it means to have a mentor. More often than not, I see that Airmen
  • What have you done for your country today?

    Sitting in my spare bedroom Tuesday morning, I was looking at a career laid out before my eyes. I saw awards dating back to my days as an airman and goodbye gifts from many of my bases. I started to reflect on the role models I've had and one name stuck out. Chief Master Sgt. Tim Omdal was the security forces manager at Aviano Air Base, Italy, when
  • Social media: a sticky companion

    The written word, always a powerful tool, has become more so with the evolution of modern technology. But always remember once written and transmitted, your thoughts are no longer in your control. You are now at the mercy of all who view your e-mail or website. If your friend forwards your e-mail or link to two or three friends of his or hers, and
  • Gut-check on leadership

    The Air Force spends a tremendous amount of time, effort and money on leadership development. We're bombarded with leadership models to study, examples to emulate, and even within the 55th Wing, we have a goal to develop Airmen. This clearly includes bolstering and refining leadership throughout our far-flung unit. As members of the profession of
  • Don't be a target, secure your valuables

    For many being stationed in America's heartland may contribute to a complacent attitude toward the security of possessions. Most people, especially in military society, want to believe their fellow Airmen and guests are basically decent, trustworthy people who live by the same Air Force values, as they do. While most people are generally good and
  • Efficiency in all we do

    Today we're facing the challenge of sustaining operations under resource constraints many of us have never seen, and all indicators tell us it's going to get worse before it gets better. The environment now, and likely for many years to come, either drives us to find more efficient ways to get the job done or forces us to make tough choices as to
  • 2010 Motorcycle season information

    Riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating, exciting, fun and carefree, but without the proper training, mentorship and personal protective equipment; it can also be deadly. The 55th Wing Safety Office reminds all military members and Air Force civilians who intend to ride a motorcycle that they must have the required training and PPE to ensure safe
  • Recycling and refuse collection issues

    I recently received a phone call from the base refuse collection contractor about two very important points. The first is the sudden reduction of cardboard recycling and the second, the danger and excess cost of contaminating a recycling or refuse dumpster. Both of these concerns affect all of us here at Offutt as recycling is directed by the 55th
  • Motorcycle safety awareness

    Driving can be a dangerous thing, especially if you're on a motorcycle trying your best to avoid other drivers unaware of your presence. Wouldn't it be nice if someone taught these drivers about motorcycle safety? Welcome to May 2010.May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. During this time, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration