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Graphic showing timeline from date of flood through date of expected first campus completion



• In March 2019, Offutt Air Force Base was hit with 720 millions gallons of floodwater, covering roughly 1/3 of the southeastern portion of the installation, including 3,000 feet of the runway. The flood waters affected 137 base facilities, 1.2 million square feet of workspace, including $230 million of simulators, displacing more than 3,200 personnel.

• As the 55th Wing continued its initial recovery efforts in the weeks following the flood, its leadership team started to look long term future on the installation. With that in mind they stood up the Offutt Flood Rebuild Program Management Office and charged them with the monumental task of rebuilding the southeastern portion of the base.

• With the majority of displaced personnel at temporary long-term facilities, the PMO team focused on how to smartly rebuild Offutt. Early on they had to determine if they should rebuild in the southeastern portion of the installation, but with levee upgrades its location of the runway, base leadership decided it would rebuild there.



• The Offutt Flood Rebuild PMO worked to develop requirements that each group and mission partner who had been effected by the flood would need to accomplish their mission. After much deliberation and planning, they came up with an eight campus plan, containing more than 24 new facilities aligning like functions in a way like never before on Offutt.

• Normal planning and design for just a single new military construction facility takes roughly two years of planning. However, the PMO team has worked feverishly to accomplish this herculean effort with out-of-hide military personnel accomplishing in the same period, but for 24 buildings and other supporting structures.

•  Working with the Air Force Civil Engineer Center and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the PMO team had led Offutt Air Force Base’s recovery and reconstruction planning efforts. Starting in early 2022, demolition will begin on the southeastern portion of the installation and then more than 673,000 cubic yards of dirt will be brought in as the future of Offutt Air Force Base comes to fruition.



Illustration of new building for base lake

Base Lake Campus



Illustration of new brick building for flight line campus

Flight Line Campus

Illustration for future building on LRS campus


Illustration of future building for MDO campus



Illustration of future facilities for NC3 campus



Illustration of future SATCOM facilities



Illustration of future SFS facility





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