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Health Promotion Office


To build a culture of health and optimize the health & readiness of all military and community members by providing specialized programs & classes that enhance physical as well as mental health.

General Information

     Free services, classes, & programs for all military, retirees, DoD civilians, contractors and spouses

     Address:  Located in building 4209 on the MDG Campus,
     directly behind the Ehrling Bergquist Clinic at 2501 Capehart Rd, Bellevue NE 68123

     Hours: 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday

     Phone: 402-294-5977

     E-mail: usaf.offutt.55-mdg.mbx.health-promotion-office@mail.mil                                                              

     Staff: Roger Nelson, Health Promotion Director and Mr. Rob Delair, Registered Dietitian


Participation Information

Due to limited class size, pre-registration to attend is necessary by phoning 402-294-5977. All our programs come in the form of “Challenges.” That is, they’re more than just a class. It’s an evidenced based approach to applying the classroom information to real life for exciting and lasting change. Participating in our “Challenges” is not mandatory to attend the class associated with it but is highly encouraged! All participants successfully completing our “Challenges” receive Health Promotion Office rewards and have their immediate supervisor, first sergeant and commander notified of their distinguished accomplishment. WE GREATLY APPRECIATE YOU ARRIVING 10 MINUTES PRIOR TO ANY APPOINTMENT OR CLASS YOU REGISTER FOR.


Eight-Week Bod Pod Challenge

8-week bod pod challenge logo - blue background, person in bod pod

Focuses on Improving Your Body Composition Through Fat Loss, Muscle Gain and/or Both!

Start whenever you’re ready by scheduling an initial 20 minute Bod Pod appointment to determine your current body fat percentage and obtain guidance on strategies to improve it before your follow-up appointment approximately eight weeks later. Depending on initial results, participants will be rewarded for improving 3% in the Risky Category, 2% in the Excess Fat Category, 1% in the Moderately Lean Category and maintaining in the Lean Category.  Successful challenge goers earn a Bod Pod Power Player padfolio and t-shirt. 


Focuses on Improving Your Fitness!

Start by participating in the virtual class kick-off event Fitness Assessment Specific Training to learn unique training methodologies utilized during the challenge and obtain your training log/scoresheet.  Then earn up to 300 points following a cardiovascular and strength training regimen that progresses and keeps you motivated with results you’ll see weekly.  Conclude on the 30th day by turning in your scoresheet to earn a Fitness Frenzy Fanatic rally towel, duffle bag & t-shirt.

The Soar Into Health 4 Week Challenge

Focuses on Improving Your Diet, Exercise & Sleep Habits!

Start by participating in the virtual class kick-off event Eat & Play the Smart Way to obtain your training log/scoresheet and also complete the next weeks class Sleep is King.  Together, these two classes will teach you how to optimize the triad of human performance.  Then earn up to 400 points completing behavioral goals and conclude after 4 weeks by turning in your scoresheet to earn a Soar Into Health Hero lunch container, cooler and t-shirt.

The Thriving Mind Challenge

Focuses on Improving Your Thought Processes & Actions for a More Meaningful & Purposeful Life!

Start by participating in anyone of the virtual classes Mindset Motivation, Stress to Strength or Emotional Control and complete all three.  Each class provides a participant workbook with objectives that once completed, will have you thinking, feeling and performing better each and every day.  Conclude the challenge by turning in your completed workbook associated with each class to earn a Thriving Mind Master trophy & t-shirt.


We believe you’re worth the time it takes to take care of yourself.  We also believe the better you take care of yourself, the better you’re able to take care of others.  We hope you feel the sincerity our efforts and join us in our mission.  Become a health promoter yourself and encourage others to participate.  We hope you and your friends join us soon.

The HeRO Challenge

Focuses on Optimizing Your Health & Readiness and the Wellbeing of Others! 

Complete our Fitness Frenzy, Soar Into Health and Thriving Mindset Challenge and any Volunteer Event of your choice.  A tremendous opportunity to not only display your commitment to, but also boost your physical and mental health, learn life enhancing skills and make a difference in the lives of others. Graduates obtain the highest praise from the Health Promotion Office as well as their individual leadership and earn a HeRO Challenge Champion trophy and t-shirt.



Keep your self-care interests high by obtaining once a month an educational newsletter on physical activity, sound nutrition and quality sleep as well as the latest information on upcoming Health Promotion Office events. To join simply email your interest to usaf.offutt.55-mdg.mbx.health-promotion-office@mail.mil

Upcoming Class Dates & Times

ALL CLASSES TAKE PLACE IN CLASSROOM “A” IN OUR BUILDING:  We greatly appreciate you arriving early to find a parking spot, sign-in and obtain class materials 10 minutes prior to start of class.

Fitness Assessment Specific Training:  Mon, Sept 13th 2-4 p.m.  Kick-off event for The 30 Day Fitness Frenzy Challenge

Eat & Play the Smart Way:  Thur, Sept 23rd 2-4 p.m.  Kick-off event for The Soar Into Health 4 Week Challenge

Mindset Motivation:  Wed, Sept 29th 2-4 p.m.  Part of The Thriving Mind Challenge

Emotional Control:  Wed, Oct 6th 2-4 p.m.  Part of The Thriving Mind Challenge

Stress to Strength:  Wed, Oct 13th 2-4 p.m.  Part of The Thriving Mind Challenge