55th Wing Legal Office
  • Ethics 101: Off Duty Employment

    Many Airmen find themselves looking to pursue off-duty employment in conjunction with their full time military duties. In many cases, these opportunities allow for Airmen to expand their knowledge in fields outside of their normal military duties. As such, everyone from the Airman entrepreneur trying to develop and sell their own App, to the Airman
  • Offutt legal center offers FREE tax assistance

    While you were out this holiday season searching for the perfect holiday gift, it’s possible you may have forgotten about something you’ll need after the holidays – your important tax documents.That’s right, tax season is rapidly approaching and since the holiday season is now behind us, why not search for those documents required to file your
  • Base tax center offers free tax services

    April 18 may seem distant now; but the clock is ticking toward the 2017 tax deadline.  You have three extra days this year to file your 2016 taxes because April 15, 2017 falls on a Saturday and Emancipation Day is observed in Washington DC on Monday, April 17, 2017.   The base tax center will offer free tax services to E-6 and below, O2 and below,