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  • ACC Command Surgeon, Mental Health Branch Chief, address Covid-19 reluctance 

    Brig. Gen. Sharon Bannister, command surgeon of Air Combat Command  and  Lt. Col. Michael McCarthy, ACC mental health branch chief, virtually discussed staying remote and ready, with ACC Public Affairs Oct. 6, 2020.  A few of the primary topics that were discussed with Bannister and McCarthy are the reluctance of reporting when having symptoms related to COVID-19 and testing availability, and, with flu season approaching, how do we determine one over the other. 
  • Strength of a link, a defender’s way

    A defender, who’s 16-year career began fixated on checklists, compliance and career progression eventually discovered he was missing something. With the pressures building up at home and on the job he sought help from his command. He was introduced to the philosophy of the link and has since become a connection focused husband and noncommissioned officer.