• Warhawks graduate from USAFWS

    Four 55th Wing Warhawks graduated from the U.S. Air Force Weapons School June, 15, 2024, at Ceaser’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • A legacy of valor: The 95th RS remembers the Doolittle Raid

    Airmen assigned to the 95th Reconnaissance Squadron gathered to honor the heroic acts of those who served during the Doolittle Raid for the 80th anniversary of the mission. Six of the 16 aircraft flown during the Doolittle Raid belonged to the 95th RS’s predecessor, the 95th Bombardment Squadron.

  • RC-135: Team Mildenhall Airmen enable mission

    The U.S. Air Force long ago recognized future wars would not solely be fought on air, ground, or sea, and to prepare for that reality, the use of electronic warfare was crucial.Electronic warfare is comprised of jamming communication systems, and electronic support protection tactics, such as

  • Five squadrons celebrate centennial in 2017

    The 97th Intelligence Squadron came together Aug. 18 to celebrate their unit’s centennial almost to the exact day of their activation of Aug. 20, 1917, at Kelly Field, Texas.The 97th is one of five squadrons with direct ties to Offutt or the 55th Wing that mark their centennial in 2017, while there

  • 95th Reconnaissance Squadron honors Doolittle Raider David Thatcher

    Doolittle Raider David Thatcher passed away Wednesday June 22, in Missoula, Montana. 4,566 miles away the following Friday members of the 95th Reconnaissance Squadron at RAF Mildenhall, England honored him and his legacy. The Doolittle Raid was in response to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor