• Air Force heritage carried forward

    The Air Force is gilded with tradition despite its relatively short history when compared to the long tenure of its fellow branches in the Department of Defense. When we look at these traditions through the eyes of Airmen who serve, we sometimes see the footprints of the men and women who served

  • Offutt’s flood brings out the best

    At 11 a.m. on Friday, March 15, 2019, the 55th Wing leadership team met to discuss what needed to be accomplished to protect assets and facilities from possible flood waters that were creeping towards the installation.Using lessons learned from the 2011 flood, they knew that if the levy was breached

  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

    Offutt Air Force Base is celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with events at various on-base facilities throughout May.“The purpose of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month is to step back and recognize the contributions their cultures have made in America,”

  • Birthday Ball set to celebrate three anniversaries

    Members of Team Offutt will pause to celebrate the Air Force’s 70th anniversary, 100 years of aviation and Nebraska’s 150th anniversary with a special birthday ball on Sept. 9.The 55th Wing, who is the host unit at Offutt, typically hosts a birthday ball every year to celebrate its heritage, but

  • Wing leadership delivers flag to original home

    Back in 1943, the newly-formed 55th Fighter Group called Nuthampstead, United States Army Air Forces station 131, home during World War II.Today, Nuthampstead is a quiet village and civil parish where an abandoned airstrip remains, harking back to its glory days.In the early 1980s, the

  • 55th AMXS honors heritage through murals

    The hallways of the Bennie Davis Maintenance Facility here were brightened recently by the completion of a mural more than 500 hours in the making.Tech Sgt. Adam Gall, a program manager with the 55th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, began work on the mural in March, thinking it would be a project he

  • Past, present, future: AF Memorial 10th anniversary

    For the last decade, the Air Force Memorial stood boldly in the skyline of the nation’s capital, inciting pride and honor, and recognizing the dedication and sacrifices of Airmen who have served. Members of industry, Airmen and media attended a ceremony in celebration of the monument’s 10th

  • Wing to celebrate its heritage

    The 55th Wing will pause to reflect on its illustrious 75 year legacy during Heritage Week May 16 - 21, 2016.The wing traces its lineage to the 55th Pursuit Group constituted Nov. 20, 1940, and activated Jan. 15, 1941, at Hamilton Field, California.Heritage Week includes the 55th Wing Hall of Fame