Tag: POW/MIA Remembrance Run
  • POW/MIA Remembrance Run

    Freedom and the liberties we enjoy come at a cost. The price is great. Imagine being held captive behind barbed wire in unsanitary conditions, while being severely tortured and starved. This nation’s commitment to resolve the fate of many Americans that were held as prisoners of war or classified as missing in action is represented by the POW/MIA flag.
  • POW/MIA Remembrance Run

    Members of Team Offutt run past the Prisoner of War/Missing in Action memorial at the parade grounds Sept. 18, 2020 during the 24 hour POW/MIA 24 hour Remembrance Run. The event honors and reminds us of those who have fallen and those still missing in action. (U.S. Air Force photo by L. Cunningham)
  • POW/MIA: You are not forgotten

    The smell of aircraft fuel consumed the air and dark clouds filled the sky as he drove onto Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. During his routine morning route, he noticed something out of the ordinary. He thought he glanced the site of a flag, moving as if it were running the path around the parade field.