New Facilities, Renovations in store

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Ken Scholz
  • 55th Wing Public Affairs
Offutt continues to be a hub of construction activity with an excess of $81 million worth of base construction projects ongoing or upcoming throughout the base.

Projects range from new facilities being built to the demolition of obsolete ones, and continued renovation and repairs throughout the installation.

Below is the latest on construction and renovation projects around the base and their tentative completion dates:

- Frady Fitness Center demolition - late December 2009

- A new veterinary clinic south of U.S. Strategic Command - November 2010

- The Naval Operations Support Center next to the on-base Child Development Center - early September 2010

- The new 97th Intelligence Squadron - late December 2009

- Offutt Field House parking lot renovation - December 2010

- U.S. Strategic Command roof - early October 2010

- The conversion of the inpatient area inside the Ehrling Bergquist Clinic into administration and clinic areas - May 2011

- Relocation and construction of Looking Glass Avenue will move Looking Glass to the north providing a better intersection with SAC Blvd - December 2010

Along with the additional facilities, site resource management projects are scheduled throughout the installation such as replacing fire alarm systems throughout the Bennie Davis Maintenance Facility and replacing 80 fire hydrants around Offutt. Repairs to base storm sewers, open drainage systems, gas lines and airfield lighting are ongoing as well.

"Because of variables such as weather, we don't want to cast the projected completion dates of these projects in concrete as of yet, maybe drywall mud, but not concrete," said Ed Lueninghoener, 55th Wing deputy civil engineer.

"As always, we appreciate the patience of drivers as we continue to improve and modernize Offutt," said Mr. Lueninghoener. "Progress often comes with a little pain. We feel the end result will be a tremendous benefit to Team Offutt for years to come" he added.

Team Offutt members can check the E-News to stay current on construction updates throughout the year.