Letter from the Commander -- 180 Critical Days of Summer

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Jim Jones
  • 55th Wing commander
As we all begin our proactive summer safety program, we need to consider last year's tragic events in 8 AF and ACC and count ourselves fortunate to not have had any critical injuries or fatalities to our Offutt team! 

Sadly, each one of the tragic losses of last year could have been prevented had the participant exercised personal risk management (PRM).

Discipline is the key. The chosen lethal weapons for the ones that are no longer with us are lack of seatbelt use, excessive speed, and getting behind the wheel after alcohol consumption. This is a breakdown of fundamental rules that all of us are required to follow and should be emulating for our Airmen and our team.

Set the example. Take an active role in the safety process. Inquire about plans and activities of your troops and coworkers. Advise and be aware of their actions and behaviors and set the right example. To coin an old phrase, safety never takes a holiday and when we take a holiday, unfortunately so can the common sense and good personal risk management that we continually practice on the job.

Every single Airman, Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Coast Guardsmen and civilian worker matters at Team Offutt! Take the time to be a mentor and a guide. Listen as people talk and hear their ideas and plans.

Be a problem solver and let your actions show you care about those you work with. Make sure they not only hear the words, but understand the message that speed kills, seatbelts save lives and drinking and driving is a sure way to drive yourself right out of your career and maybe your life. 

If we all accept this responsibility, hopefully 180 days from now we can say we did it right AGAIN! And stayed safe! 

The members of Team Offutt deserve no less.