Safety springs forward

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Larry A. Ebell
  • 55th Wing Safety Office
It has been one long and frigid winter, but spring has finally arrived. Many of us were hibernating in our homes all winter and are eager to get out and enjoy the warm weather. Many will be excited to take part in activities the cold kept them from enjoying such as mountain biking, hiking, boating and motorcycle riding.

While these activities may definitely be enjoyed, the dangers that come along with them should be respected and remembered. No matter how many years of experience a person has with these activities, they must realize that, it has been about four months since many of them took part in such activities. Another thing they must understand is, while they're enjoying those activities for the first time since winter ended they should take their time to re-learn how to perform and familiarize themselves with those activities.
Here are some tips to help everyone have a smooth and safe start to spring:

- Inspect all equipment for damage or wear.

- Conduct a function check on all equipment. Be sure it works properly.

- Tune up any motorized items such as boats and motorcycles to ensure they're are working properly.

- Review any owner's manuals to refresh your memory on how the items work.

- Be sure you have all your personal protective equipment and ensure it's serviceable.

- Take it slow at first. Remember, it's been awhile since you last rode a motorcycle, hiked a few miles or tried to bike a great distance.

We all want to get out and enjoy the warmer weather by doing all the things we've missed, but we must remember, there is a smart and safe way to start the spring season.