Tales of the 55th: Heritage event promises special afternoon

OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE, Neb. -- A major event annually precedes the 55th Wing Birthday Ball that adds depth and meaning to preserving the wing's history.

On Friday, April 4, the afternoon before the birthday ball, all members of Team Offutt are invited to attend the eighth annual edition of the "Tales of the 55th" at the James M. McCoy Airman Leadership School.

"Tales of the 55th," sponsored by the 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing Association, features a spellbinding narrative journey into the lives and events of the 55th's storied past.

Often told by former wing members who were part of history - the valor, vigor and accomplishments of Airmen who have gone before spring to life in word and picture for those in the audience who are making new history...or hope to.

It is also when former members of the 55th Wing are inducted into the wing's Hall of Fame. This year, retired Lt. Col. Jeffery Needham and retired Chief Master Sgt. Lawrence Cobb will join the ranks of honored wing Airmen.

Event organizer and master of ceremonies, Jim Thomas, 55th SRWA president, said the "Tales" both keep the Wing's legacy alive and set the standard for today's Fightin' Fifty-Fifth team.

"When you belong to something bigger than yourself and you know it, you take pride in the selfless acts and unfailing devotion of your brothers and sisters through the years," Mr. Thomas said. "It's a singular experience to hear the stories of those bound to one another by heritage."

"Tales of the 55th" is also an opportunity to see historical memorabilia such as photos, artifacts and videos from different eras of the Wing's past. Speakers from various periods throughout the 55th Wing's history will also relate their personal experiences.

Various displays set the atmosphere and get the audience thinking about their legacy they will be leaving for future generations of 55th Wing Airmen, said Mr. Thomas.

For more about the Hall of Fame inductees, see next week's Air Pulse.