Commander’s ACTION LINE

OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE, Neb. -- The 55th Wing Commander's Action Line is an avenue for action when traditional methods have failed to address your problems, concerns or suggestions.

To reach the Action Line, call 294-5666 or send an email to actionlin@offutt.af.mil. Or write to: 55th WG/CC, 205 Looking Glass Ave., Ste. 121, Offutt AFB, NE 68113-3130 (ATTN: Action Line).

Please include your name and telephone number or e-mail address so we can contact you when resolving your issue or if more information is needed.

Q: Can you tell me the status of getting SAC Blvd. repaired? I've heard rumors that the job is too big for CE and too expensive to contract out. As a major thoroughfare on the base, I would think this would be a high priority repair for the base. The result of this closure has been increased traffic (at higher than parking lot speeds) through the legal office parking lot as more and more people find this shortcut. But at the same time, this route should not be closed during repairs, as it is a convenience for those who work here who need to get to the other side of the base. I hope we see repair work soon.

A: Thank you for your concern regarding the sink hole in SAC Blvd. Offutt Project SGBP 08 0094 Emergency Repair SAC Blvd has been advertised and bid for by a contractor to perform construction repair this spring. Funds to award the contract have also been requested from ACC. Once the project is awarded, the contractor has 90 days to complete all the repairs and open the street for traffic. We anticipate the road will reopen in July. The cause of the SAC Blvd closure is due to a two block long underground storm sewer that corroded and failed, undermining the roadway. The entire length of storm sewer main requires replacement, which requires a significant construction effort, beyond what we normally expect our in-house forces to be able to accomplish. Replacement of the storm line, which runs under the road connecting the legal and lower Frady parking lots, will require the closure of the "shortcut". The only way we could repair this in a more expeditious matter would be to characterize the repair as an "emergency" requirement which would significantly increase the cost of the project. Since there is an acceptable detour route that, while inconvenient, still allows traffic flow to continue to all areas of the base, I did not feel this warranted expending extra resources during these times of fiscal limitations.

Q: Motorcycle season is upon us once again, and with it brings more complaints about safety gear for motorcycle riders. Or maybe, the regulations were gotten rid of over the winter, and we motorcyclists don't have to wear any of that stuff?
Just today, coming in the gate after lunch, a far too common occurrence was observed. I was on my motorcycle, wearing all of the required by regulation helmets, gloves, high visibility vests and everything else I'm supposed to wear to be able to ride my motorcycle on Offutt. Pulling up to the gate, I saw another rider in the lane next to me also pull up. This person was not wearing the required safety gear. I mentioned this fact to the gate guard as she was checking my ID. I was told that I was correct, the other rider sis not have the required safety gear on. But, as happens far too many times, this rider was allowed to enter Offutt on his motorcycle, not wearing the required safety gear.
This particular person just happens to work in the same building as I do, this is not the first he has gotten on base not wearing the proper safety gear.

A: Our security forces make every effort to enforce current guidance published in AFI 91-207, USAF Safety Program, as it pertains to motorcycle protective gear. As the weather has improved and we are seeing more motorcycles on the road, we have provided further guidance on the policy and refresher training to our guards. To help clarify our motorcycle safety enforcement, I have published a policy memorandum to ensure our practices are in accordance with the AF Instruction. My policy is motorcycle riders will wear a brightly colored outer garment that covers two-thirds of the upper body during the day and a reflective upper garment during the night. Examples of bright colors are bright red, orange, lime green, yellow, bright blue, white, pink, etc. Dark colors, such as black, non-reflective silver, gray, brown, dark blue, dark green and dark red are NOT authorized. The outer upper garment shall be visible and no portion may be covered (backpack cannot obstruct garment visibility, etc.) Foot protection however must be sturdy over the ankle footwear that provides protection for the feet and ankles. Sandals, low quarters, sneakers and similar footwear will not be used. Thank you for your concern; it will help to focus our attention on motorcycle safety.