USSTRATCOM commander emphasizes the global mission

OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE, Neb. -- During Gen. Kevin P. Chilton's first U.S. Strategic Command commander's call May 20 at the Bennie Davis Maintenance Facility, he unveiled the new USSTRATCOM vision: Leaders in Strategic Deterrence and Preeminent Global Warfighters in Space and Cyberspace.

Chilton also redefined the USSTRATCOM missions. 

They are to:

- deter attacks on United States vital interests
- ensure United States freedom of action in space and cyberspace
- deliver integrated nuclear and non-nuclear kinetic and non-kinetic effects as well as information operations in support of U.S. Joint Force Commander operations
- synchronize global missile defense plans and operations
- synchronize regional combating of weapons of mass destruction plans
- provide integrated surveillance and reconnaissance allocation recommendations to the Secretary of Defense
- advocate for capabilities as assigned.

"When I think about U.S. Strategic Command, I am reminded that we have global missions that don't care about borders, oceans or continents," said General Chilton. "We provide global security for America. That was important as I thought about how we organize and increase our focus." 

Along with the missions and vision, the former astronaut emphasized the lines of operations: strategic deterrence/nuclear operations, space operations and cyberspace operations. The nuclear mission is of prime importance. The latter two are also significant, with the general explaining how fundamental space and cyberspace are to the way we operate and live in today's society.

"These two domains in particular, we didn't think about 15 years ago," he said. "U.S. Strategic Command has the mission of defending, deterring and dissuading. And, if called on to fight, dominate and win in these domains."

The general said his intentions of defining the USSTRATCOM missions and vision are to provide the command's people with direction.

"I call this understanding what we are supposed to be doing and working those issues for the integrated betterment of the good," General Chilton said. 

As commander of USSTRATCOM, General Chilton is responsible for the global command and control of U.S. strategic forces to meet decisive national security objectives. The command provides a broad range of strategic capabilities and options for the president and secretary of defense.