Parent Advisory Board honors CDC staff

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To show their appreciation for their hard work and daily dedication, the Offutt Parent Advisory Board honored the Offutt Child Development Center and Youth Program staff with a special Provider Appreciation Day May 8.

With help from Chick fil-A, the board provided 154 boxed meals to the staff at both centers, the Youth Program staff and provided coupons to the home day care providers.

"The PAB wanted to extend a 'thank you' for the tremendous job our day care and youth programs staff do every day," said Master Sgt. Amanda Limmer, 343rd Recruiting Squadron and a member of the PAB.

"What better opportunity than child care provider appreciation day?" she asked.

The timing of the event coincided with the national Provider Appreciation Day, which took place May 10. It is a day to recognize child care providers, teachers and other educators of young children everywhere.

Offutt has two CDCs, one on base and one in the Rising View off-base housing area. The also currently have eight in home day care providers, which fall under the same guidelines as the base CDCs. Combined with the Youth Center, the base can care for nearly 500 children from the ages of six week to 12 years old.

"Our military installations consistently provide high quality care for our children," Limmer said. "Everything the staff does directly contributes to this standard and we want to make sure they know they are appreciated."

And not only did the staff have a good time, the children got into the action as well. Chick fil-A brought along their mascot so he could graze the hallways and provide some addition fun.

"It was really great to be a part of such a positive thing," LImmer said, "and ideally we would like this to be an annual event."

The PAB mission is to foster a friendly environment for Offutt parents and children to meet and connect. They also meet with the CDCs as well as the Youth Center to offer their guidance.

"We are looking for military parents, spouses and friends who are interested in fostering a network of support and socialization among parents and children," Limmer said.

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