New citation program implemented at Offutt

Graphic of the Security Forces badge in silver

Security Forces-Badge-Silver


Beginning March 1, 2020, the 55th Security Forces Squadron will incorporate the U.S. District Court Violation Notice citation program alongside the traditional points-based Armed Forces traffic ticket, also known as the DD Form 1408.

All drivers, to include both military and non-military personnel, are subject to the DD 1408 and USDCVN citations.

A USDCVN is a federal citation issued for petty offenses and is similar to citations issued by off-base law enforcement agencies in that it assesses a fine which is payable to the U.S. Courts Central Violations Bureau.

Offutt AFB supplement to Air Force Manual 31-116, Air Force Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision outlines a summary of changes and lists offenses in which USDCVN may be issued and associated fines.

“With implementation of these citations those who choose to act outside the lines of our safety standards may face financial repercussions,” said Col. Alan Dayton, 55th Mission Support Group commander. “This is an additional tool that helps our defenders keep the base safer with the desired outcome being all personnel on our installation use caution and are mindful of those around them.” 

DD 1408s will remain the primary method used to enforce traffic laws and good order and discipline. The USDCVN is a secondary option intended for both traffic law enforcement and other situations where a DD 1408 would be either inappropriate or ineffective.

Common situations where a USDCVN may be issued include, but are not limited to, reckless driving, possession of drug paraphernalia, open alcohol containers and driving with a suspended or revoked license.

“USDCVN citations will be issued in a reasonable and deliberate manner,” said Lt. Col. Michael Cheatham, 55th Security Forces Squadron commander. “The purpose of both USDCVNs and DD 1408s is to make the installation safer for Team Offutt.”

USDCVN funds collected from the payment for petty offenses are deposited into the Crime Victims Fund. Frequently Asked Questions regarding payment methods and how to contest a citation can be found on the CVB website (https://www.cvb.uscourts.gov/).