October is Air Force Energy Action Month


The Air Force has designated October as “Energy Action Month” to highlight the critical role energy plays in Air Force operations and to encourage smart energy use and management.

The theme this year is “Energy Able – Mission Capable” to showcase how efficient energy use increases mission capability and readiness for the Air Force’s global mission.

All aspects of the Air Force mission depend on a reliable supply of energy and using that energy smarter allows the Air Force to operate in a more efficient and effective way.

Everyone in the Air Force, from Airmen to civilians to contractors, play a key role in achieving our energy goals by making efficient energy use a consideration in all that we do.

As members of the greatest Air Force on earth, we should all challenge ourselves to protect the power we have by looking for ways to save energy. Every effort counts and even small changes in your daily habits lead to substantial energy savings when multiplied across the Air Force.

At home, smart energy decisions should also be made, today, this week, this month and this year, to ensure we are protecting our valuable energy resources. 

Transforming the way we use energy is critical to ensuring we will be able to balance today's readiness with tomorrow's modernization. With your support, we will continue to promote ways to optimize our energy usage to increase mission capability and readiness for the Air Force’s global mission.