Legal assists personal property claims

  • Published
  • By Dana Heard
  • 55th Wing Public Affairs

In the wake of base flooding, the 55th Wing Legal office is offering assistance with claims.

Claims can be filed for personal property to include for multitude of items such as vehicles to gym bags among others things.

“The legal office is here to take care of the whole base and their legal needs and helping people become financially whole after a disaster is part of that,” said Capt. Joline Y. Doedens-Combs, 55th WG assistant staff judge advocate.

For the more than 3,500 members displaced from their work centers, the legal office is encouraging them to submit their claims sooner rather than later.

“They have two years to make the claim,” Doedens-Combs said. “But, it is best to do it in a timely fashion.”

The legal team asks members, both military and civilian, filing a claim on their vehicle to start with their insurance company first. All other claims can begin with the legal office – this includes personal items left in offices.

“Basically all the stuff that makes it your office, you can file a claim for it,” Doedens-Combs said.

As part of the claims process members are required to provide proof of ownership or a stake in damages incurred during flooding.

To begin a claim, visit the claims web site at

In order to file the claim, go to Click on “File Non Household Goods Claim.” If not logging in with your Common Access Card, follow the directions to obtain a username and password.

In addition, the legal office has set up a workstation in their headquarters for those who want to fill out the paperwork with assistance from their staff.

For phone assistance, call (402) 232-5255 or (402) 272-2348.