Patriot Club to transition to Community Center

Patriot Club Graphic

This is the official logo for the Offutt Patriot Club. Courtesy Graphic


The Patriot Club will be transitioning to a full Community Center Jan. 4, 2019, and as part of this conversion, dining room operations will cease November 4.

Special functions and luncheons already booked will be held as scheduled through the end of 2018, but no new reservations will be made until the Community Center opens.

“The new Community Center will allow customers to have more flexibility when booking and using spaces within the facility,” said Lt. Col. Sherry Graham, 55th Force Support Squadron commander.

Club operations are changing throughout the Air Force.

“Trends indicate Airmen are taking their business to off base establishments for lunch, dinner and special events,” Graham said. “In fact, there are 69 clubs located within the continental U.S., and of those 69, 72% are struggling financially.”

Locally, the decision to convert the Patriot Club to a Community Center was based on patron usage and overall long-term sustainability. Additionally, with the recent change to the Club Membership Card, Offutt’s club membership decreased 64% with dues paying members opting out of their club membership.

Graham said all of these factors contributed to the decision to move forward with this conversion. 

For current club members wishing to cancel their club membership, please visit MemberPlanet.com. Memberships canceled by the 14th of the month will not be billed.

If you are having difficulty cancelling your membership, please contact the Patriot Club directly at 402-294-2268 for assistance prior to December 22.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What if I want to have a wedding or birthday party at the new Community Center with food and alcohol?
A.  You will still be able to have special functions at the Community Center.  The project officer will need to coordinate with an outside catering company to accommodate food requests.  The Community Center will be available to assist with coordinating a bartender and alcohol.  Private parties and functions will have nominal charges for room usage.  These will be published prior to the January opening date.

Q.  Will the Raiders Lounge be closed as well?
A.  No, the Raiders Lounge will remain open as staffing allows.  It will be a part of the Community Center.  AFI 34-219, Alcoholic Beverage Program, paragraph 2.1 states “Clubs, golf and bowling activities are the primary providers of alcoholic beverages for on-premise consumption.”   The installation commander determines which other MWRF-supported activities and AAFES facilities may sell alcoholic beverages by the drink.  The Community Center has been approved by the installation commander as one of these activities.  55 FSS is the only organization on base possessing a liquor license to sell alcohol for on-premise consumption.

Q.  What if I want to host a luncheon at the Community Center?
A.  You will still be able to host a luncheon at the Community Center.  The event project officer will need to schedule the event with the Community Center staff and coordinate with an outside catering company to accommodate food requirements. 

Q.  What will happen to the dining room space?
A. 55 FSS is working with the Air Force Services Activity (AFSVA) to bring a name brand food operation into the current dining room space. This is a long process and will require a business case analysis from AFSVA to determine the feasibility of this request.  We are currently unsure on the timeline for this initiative.

Q.  What about official functions in the new Community Center?

A.  Official functions can be scheduled in the Community Center and they will be free of charge.  A list of official functions will be established and publicized by the Community Center.  Any food or catering requirements will need to be arranged and paid for by the event project officer with a local catering company.

Q.  Will this conversion impact Super Saturday?
A.  No, this will not impact Super Saturday.  Super Saturday is scheduled through the Community Center already!