Civilian employees now have access to assistance


A program designed to help civilian employees better manage their work and personal responsibilities and reach higher levels of achievement and satisfaction has been launched.

The Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, is designed to help civilian employees with financial, legal and counseling services, health and wellness presentations, EAP orientations and more.

“I am personally super excited to see this program come onboard because taking care of the Airman includes taking care of civilians,” said Almeda Giles, Offutt community support coordinator. “EAP is fashioned after the services offered by [military and family life consultants] and Military One Source, but for civilians and their family members.”

Services being offered include free consultation with financial experts and licensed attorneys to provide assistance with your legal and financial questions.

There are licensed or credentialed professional counselors to provide face-to-face, short-term counseling to employees and family members. Counselors can also provide referrals to community resources based on client needs, health insurance coverage, and financial resources.

Health and wellness presentations and EAP orientations are designed to support both supervisors and employees. The employee orientation sessions discuss the features and benefits of the program, how it functions and how to access and use the program. The supervisor orientation includes useful information about when and how supervisors refer employees to the EAP, documentation, crisis management, privacy and confidentiality.

Now our civilians can sit down with someone that is there to help them work through their problems without fear of reprisal,” Giles said. “EAP services are offered face-to-face, by telephone and by website.”

EAP counselors can provide guidance and consultation so that supervisors and managers can effectively identify, interact with, and refer employees with performance or conduct issues to the program. Federal Occupational Health counselors are available to discuss performance concerns and the appropriate EAP intervention.

EAP’s national crisis response team assists in management consultations, critical incident services, and follow-up with the organization and individuals as appropriate.

Rest assured knowing that EAP is confidential in accordance with both state and federal laws, including the Privacy Act of 1974 and applicable Confidentiality Regulations (42 CFR 1A2). However, when clients disclose life-threatening situations, such as child or elder abuse, or threats of serious harm to themselves or others, counselors must report these disclosures as required by law.

Giles added that in addition to EAP, the Air Force has also implemented the WorkLife4You program for assistance with child care and parenting, adult care and aging, education and career development, relocation assistance, health and wellness, daily life needs, etc.

For more information regarding EAP benefits for civilian employees, 55th Wing Public Affairs has created a tab on the right column of the Offutt website’s main page.