New Wi-Fi comes to Offutt

  • Published
  • By Charles J. Haymond
  • 55th Wing/Public Affairs

The Enterprise Information Technology as a Service network brought new wireless fidelity to Offutt Air Force Base Nov. 23.  

Team Offutt members will be able to quickly transition from desktop to mobile with a single login.

The new Wi-Fi provides high-speed service which will allow Team Offutt members connectivity across the base. It is currently provided in 17 buildings, with more to be added later. Six access points along the flightline have been installed.

The network is secure, and no activity accomplished will ever leave the base network.

“Anything a user could do on their laptop at their desk, they can do via the Wi-Fi network with the exception of anything that would require Secure Internet Protocol Router network access,” said Paul Cooper, AT&T senior tech project/program manager.

The network is available for all approved government issued laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. Although there is some consideration of developing a guest network in the future for any device within the network’s range, it is still in the preliminary stages.  

In the event users experience issues connecting to the network, please contact the help desk at or 888-996-1629.