42nd ECS Airman named Instructor Analysis Operator of the Year

  • Published
  • By Kendra Williams, 55th Wing Public Affairs

The Air Force recently recognized Staff Sgt. Austin S. Davidson from the 42nd Electronic Combat Squadron at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona, as the 2021 Air Force Instructor Analysis Operator of the Year.

“The community that has been built at the 55th Electronic Combat Group, and more specifically the 42nd ECS, has provided me the opportunities to do the things I love most about the Air Force, such as prepare for the future fight, mentor Airmen, and train the next generation of electronic attack aviators,” said Davidson.

Davidson deployed as the regional subject matter expert, where he familiarized and instructed 22 mission crew operators in target nation tactics, techniques and procedures, leading to the successful completion of 83 missions across four areas of responsibility and him being named the deployed squadron’s Noncommissioned Officer of the Month.

"This award represents the hard work and dedication that Staff Sgt. Davidson has for the USAF, and specifically the 42nd ECS,” said Lt. Col. William Gery, former 42nd ECS commander. “His work could not be more timely as the Compass Call weapon system transitions from the EC-130H to the EC-37B, and continues to deliver electronic attack for combatant commanders."

Additionally, Davidson managed the Formal Training Unit’s tactics training program, where he authored and presented nine briefings based on EC-130H tactics publications updates to 63 personnel. He drove the FTU’s Weapons and Tactics flight’s overhaul of its flying and simulator mission kits.

The changes led to the creation of four new mission kits, equipped with realistic near-peer enemy order of battle threats, an assortment of mission profile scenarios built around working with joint and coalition partner forces, and modern up-to-date friendly forces tactics.

“As I took over the 42nd ECS, I realized I have the best team that pushes our thinking,” said Lt. Col. Carri Salas, 42nd ECS commander. “The 42nd ECS is filled with hand-selected personnel to develop and instruct the next generation of electronic attack aviators. The daily grind of syllabus events could quickly turn into groundhogs’ day for our members, but they continuously impress upon me the need for change and improvement.”

These scenarios equipped the unit to train EC-130H crew members and initial qualification aviators in accordance with National Defense Strategy priorities, shifting the focus toward the peer and near-peer fights. 

"Staff Sgt. Austin Davidson is a phenomenally gifted Airman who strives to be better for himself, his squadron members and our students,” said Salas. “Austin winning a USAF-level award is much deserved for all his dedication to electronic warfare and our people. The squadron's excitement cannot be understated, as we all are very proud of him."