Tax expert helps Offutt community beyond call of duty

  • Published
  • By Charles J. Haymond
  • 55th Wing/Public Affairs

Sometimes tax season can be dreadful but within the 55th Wing Judge Advocate's office, there is a bright beacon who can take away the tax headaches.

Pam Clark, 55th Wing Judge Advocate contact representative and volunteer income tax assistance site coordinator, has been preparing taxes at Offutt since the early 2000s. Clark personifies one of the Air Force's core values - service before self.

“Ms. Clark is an amazing team member, and her dedication is unsurpassed,” said Lt. Col. Joseph Kubler, 55th Wing staff judge advocate. “I do not need to give her any direction. She is led by her dedication to serving our community.”

Clark's dedication to serving others inspires her volunteer team to provide outstanding service to the Offutt and Bellevue community. This year, the tax center prepared 864 federal and 1,011 state returns with a total refund value of $2,378,827. Clients ranged in age from 10 to 99.

One of those individuals whom Clark personally served was an elderly veteran in need of her expertise. The gentleman was confused about what documents he needed for his filing. Instead of telling the gentlemen what he needed, Clark volunteered her services after hours and came over to his house to find the paperwork.

“Why did I do this? Because it was the right thing to do,” Clark said. “Since I have been doing taxes for the military community on Offutt for so many years, I have grown to love many of them as family.”

Clark consistently shows her commitment to helping others.

“This story is just a single example of how she goes above and beyond to help the active duty, reserve and retired members of the Offutt community,” said Jeff Slagle,  55th Wing Judge Advocate Office. “She routinely is confronted with messy tax situations and she methodically calms the client down and then works through the issues to get them squared away.”

Anyone who has been around Clark can tell she truly loves what she does, and it is infectious to those who volunteer under her leadership. 

“With the love, she puts into what she does, I think the word ‘work’ doesn’t quite capture it,” Kubler said. “However, the word ‘leadership’ is the only word that can capture the way that she inspires her team of volunteers armed only with a love of mission and dedication to service.”