Airman’s Attic modifying operations to improve support

  • Published
  • By 55th Wing Public Affairs

The Airman’s Attic is transitioning its operations to provide better support to Offutt’s most valuable asset – its Airmen and their families.

The Airman’s Attic, which is located on the ground floor of Building D, is a place where any military member E-6 and below and their family can take home various donated items at no cost.

“The goal of this transition is to ensure we have the correct oversight of the Airman’s Attic and that we’re providing the best support possible to our Airmen and their families,” said Chief Master Sgt. Bryan Tuman, 55th Wing command chief.

The Airman’s Attic will not be open during regular hours starting Oct. 18, but the Offutt first sergeants will have access to the facility and can work one-on-one with Airmen to provide support as needed.

“Our assistance won’t stop during this time,” Tuman said. “Our first sergeants are connected with an incredible amount of on-base and off-base support organizations, so if the Airman’s Attic doesn’t have what the Airman needs, they can then look for other avenues of support.”

Once this transition begins, the Airman’s Attic will no longer accept donations. This will provide an opportunity for a thorough inventory review.

“Once they have a good grasp on what is available, that will really enable them to streamline the process for our Airmen and their families,” Tuman said. “If there is an item or particular area of need, our Airmen are encouraged to work with their first sergeant to ensure their needs are met, but our main focus is to align our Airman’s Attic to provide the best support as needed.”

Following this transition phase, the Airman’s Attic will reopen with regular hours. There is not a set date at this time.

“We are excited to start this transition,” Tuman said. “The Airman’s Attic has been a valuable source for many years, and we want to make it even more so for many more to come.”