Offutt's LeMay Aero Club relocates during runway rebuild

  • Published
  • By Dana Heard, 55th Wing Public Affairs

The LeMay Aero Club and Flight Training Center continues to operate out of the Plattsmouth Municipal Airport’s Doug V. Duey Field, following its closure at Offutt Air Force Base Feb. 28, 2021, as a result of the runway replacement project.

The airport is located just a few miles south of Offutt AFB and was selected for its accommodations and proximity. The airport is also familiar to club members who have often used it for practice approaches and landings, which made it an ideal location for temporary operations.

“The Plattsmouth Airport Authority was very cooperative in helping us set up our flying operation at their airport and providing shelter for the planes where possible,” said Coleman Weidenbusch, LeMay Aero Club manager. “To continue this excellent relationship, we’re working to minimize disruptions to their daily operations while continuing to provide quality flight training and flying opportunities for our membership.”

As part of the partnership, the Plattsmouth Municipal Airport leased hangar space for five of the club’s six airplanes, providing shelter for the airplanes and mechanics.

Weidenbusch said the aero club has faced some logistical challenges but have been able to fly at about 70-75 percent of what they were flying prior to the move. He said they have also seen some benefits.

“Not having to share the traffic pattern with heavy aircraft under tower control and having the airport next to the practice area has actually produced a cost reduction offset for club members,” said Weidenbusch.

The Plattsmouth airport has welcomed the Aero Club many times before during runway closures.

“The personnel stationed at Offutt Air Force Base are such an asset to the area and the Plattsmouth community,” said Mayor Paul Lambert. “We are here to help whenever the opportunity presents itself.”

The club currently operates one C-172 and one T-41 for primary flight training and is looking to add a third. The club also has two Piper PA-28 low-wing aircraft and a Cessna 182 high-wing for more advanced instrument and commercial pilot training.

The Lemay Aero club was chartered in 1950 by Gen. Curtis E. LeMay and was the first flying club in the U.S. Armed Forces.

The Aero Club’s business office located inside their Offutt hangar will remain open during the runway replacement project for administrative purposes. For additional information, call 402-294-3385.