ACC Spark 2021 offers Airmen avenue to present adaptive ideas

  • Published
  • By Dudley Allen
  • 55th Force Support Squadron

I often wonder if the essence of innovation is getting lost in the “static” of the daily barrage of media we live with. Innovation happens when someone like you recognizes a better way of doing business and takes action to make that better way reality.  

Who better to find a better way to do business than the workers doing the job?  The subject matter experts doing the job are the best at recognizing a better method or a better tool/device. The innovation ecosystem has been created to give you, tools and a voice to make change happen.

Visit the Ideation Platform at to see the variety of ideas that are being considered.  Perhaps an example will help to get you thinking about innovation.  

Not long ago I met a young man whose family business is the manufacture of agricultural adapters. Farm equipment is often proprietary and will not work with other brands of equipment. Adapters make it possible for one brand of tractor to use implements designed for a different brand which saves the farmer loads of money. What kind of “adapters” will help you do your work?  

Done properly it is possible for the Air Force to make all kinds of adapters, gadgets and software applications. Voice your better way of doing business through the ACC Spark 2021 now open until Aug. 14, 2020.  Open that “Innovate Your Ideas” Icon on your desktop to find out how to participate.  

For more information, contact Dudley Allen at DSN: 294-4627 or 402-271-4627.