EC-130H Compass Call

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The 55th Wing has earned Air Combat Commands 2017 Meritorious Unit Award, this is the 11th time the Fightin' Fifty-Fifth has won the award. Fightin’ Fifty-Fifth earns MUA
Air Combat Command recently announced the 55th Wing as one of its Meritorious Unit Award recipients for 2017.The 55th Wing was just one of six wings to earn the award from the command, which recognizes organizations for outstanding achievement or service in direct support of combat operations.“Every member of the Fightin’ Fifty-Fifth should wear
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Compass Call is an airborne tactical weapon system that uses noise jamming to disrupt enemy command and control communications and deny time-critical adversary coordination essential for enemy force management Compass call reshapes OIR battlefield with electronic warfare domination
Often times when we think about how air power is used in the fight against ISIS, we think about cargo aircraft delivering critical supplies and personnel to the frontlines or bombs being dropped onto targets. What’s not often thought of is how the Air Force has the non-kinetic ability to disrupt enemy communications on the ground and therefore the
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