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Suicide Prevention Awareness Month My struggle to stay alive - Sharing my story for Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
Nothing can prepare a person to deal with the never-ending attraction to suicide when faced with a lifetime of unending pain. After the realization that my life had been forever altered and the road ahead was filled with pain and medication, a darkness entered my life that was as real as any other illness I had faced. Chronic pain and the
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Default Air Force Logo When you decide to hit rock bottom, humiliation is part of the deal
A commentary by an Airman who is being separated after 15 years of service for DUI.
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Default Air Force Logo February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
Dating, that word will make any parent cringe, especially when it is being used in the context of their own child.  In the past dating was just that you dated possibly multiple persons until you decided to “go steady” it was a very deliberate act to commit to a relationship even at that age. As a father with four boys, wasting time texting, or
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